Experiential Courses

Experiential courses are a central part of the curriculum in the College’s five schools, and are continuously augmented by new ones. These courses, which typically merge a variety of academic and practical sources, work to greatly enrich students in real-life, applicative knowledge. They further provide students with the tools necessary for acquiring and processing new knowledge in today’s constantly changing reality. These skills offer a prominent advantage on the path to successful integration into the labor market. Moreover, as the practical aspect involves work with relevant target audiences, the experiential courses provide an unparalleled contribution to many communities in Israeli society.


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 Economics and Management



Computer Science

and Society

Consulting and Organizational Development

General Courses

Second Degree

 Nursing  Science


Computer Science

Tangible Interfaces  Michal Brill

Workshop Project- Tangible Interfaces Michal Brill


Government and Society

Personal Conection Mission :Generative Mentoring A| Prof. Khen Lampert


Generating Social Value: Generative Mentoring | Prof. Khen Lampert

Social Engagement and Activism | Prof. Khen Lampert

Seminar- Promises need to be Fulfilled | Dr.Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe

Debate and Rhetoric | Alon Cohen 

From Theory to Authentic: Practical Journalism Workshop | Anat Saragusti
Public Housing in Israel  
Shlomit Binyamin 


Video Story- Photo Workshop Seminar | Manor Bierman 


 Economics and Management

Social entrepreneurship as a resource for innovation| Dr. Zafrir Bloch David 


Fintech| Ofer Zevin & Dr. Shirit Katav-Herz

Innovation and Product Development Anat Goldstein

Financial Education  
| Dr. Shirit Katav-Herz & Adi Reinhold 

| Dr. Sophie Sherman


Practices in Sports Psychology | Tomer Gutman


Field Experience | Tomer Gutman


Arab-Jews: Dialogue, Conflict and Relations | Dr. Samer Halabi


Therapeutic Mentoring - Nursing | Keren Hanetz Gamliel, Dr. Tamar Hadar Chushi, Prof. Gili Goldzweig 


Intervention Para Therapeutic  | Chamutal Raz-Shiluah


Working with Preschool Children of Foreign Community | Dr. Sabrina Oppnheimer


Guided Fieldwork  | Dr. Meirav Choen Zion


A Healthy Mind in a Sick Body | Dr. Avital Gershfeld Litvin

Wanted Consciousness- Self-practice through Exercise  
| Dr. Dalit lev Ari Margalit & Tomer Gutman 

Urel bni Emanu

Children in Emergency  
Tali Versano

Cultural Mentoring between Cultures - all of us together 
| Dr. Dafna Palti 

Operational Psychology 
Yoram Lavon

Guided Research part A+B 
| Dr. Sharon Ziv 

The psychology of truth and lies | Dr. Tzahi Ashkenazi

Testing & Society | Dr. Avi Allaloof

 Nursing  Science

Medical Entrepreneurship | Dr. Guy Tobias


General Courses

Leadership, Leaders, and Decision making | Yehezkel Ovadia

Smart Objects for even Smarter People | Michal Brill

Programming for Non-programmers  
| Michal Brill 


Introduction to Entrepreneurship | Dr. Vered Holzmann 

The World is a Stage (Theatre course) 
| Prof. Shlomit lev Algim 

Business Management

Technologies FinTech | Prof. Itzhak Venezia

Project Management | Dr. Vered Holzmann

Consulting and Organizational Development

Workshop: Group Dynamics  | Dr. Haim Amsel, Esti Haker

 Psychology - Second Degree

Guided fieldwork: Therapeutic Work with Parents | Dr. Keren Hanetz Gamliel

Psychological Interventions in Organizations | Dr. Noa Nelson