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Dr. Ezra David
School of Nursing Science

Short Bio

I’m a lecture of Anatomy and Physiology for more than two decades, and since 2012 I’m a faculty member in the Academic Tel Aviv Jaffo College.

Since 2006 when I finish my PhD. dissertation which was on the subject: “Morphometrical changes in the cervical spine with age: A Skeletal population study”, my main interest was the spine.

 I’m collaborate my research with the Natural History Museum in Cleveland Ohio, USA., and in several medical centers in Israel; Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Hashomer-Ramat Gan, Wolfson- Holon, and Barzilai- Ashkelon. Most of the collaborations dealing with the spine and several with nursing education and symptoms. In 2014-2015 I did my Post Doc in University of the Negev Ben-Gurion, Israel the subject was:  “ Cervical alignment and pain”. Since 2014 I’m a member of the AACA (American Association of Clinical Anatomy) a judge and a mentor in the annual’s meetings.

Selected Publications

Book chapters:

  1. Ezra, D., Been, E., Alperovitch-Najenson, D., & Kalichman, L. (2019). Cervical posture, pain, and pathology: developmental, evolutionary and occupational perspective. In Spinal Evolution (pp. 321-339). Springer, New York.  (citation- 2)

Refereed Articles: 


  1. Ezra D, Kalichman L, Simonovich A, Droujin J, Been E, and Alperovitch-Najenson D. The association between cervical lordosis and age, sex, history of

  2. cervical trauma and sedentarity: A CT study. Archives of Anatomy and Physiology 2020; 5: 009-015 (New Journal no Impact factor).

  3. David Ezra, Khalil Salame, Israel Hershkovitz, Devora Alperovitch-Najenson and Viviane Slon. Osteophytes in the cervical spine vertebrae bodies (C3-C7); Demographical perspectives Journal of Anatomical Record 2019; 302:226-231. (Impact factor 1.373 in 2017. Q1-0.766; citation -1).

  4. David Ezra, Viviane Slon, Einat Kedar, Youssef Masharawi, Khalil Salame, Deborah Alperovitch‐Najenson, Israel Hershkovitz. The Torg- Pavlov ratio in the cervical spine of Afro-Americans vs. European – American. Clinical Anatomy Journal. 2019; 32:84-89.  (Impact factor 2018- 1.903; Q2-0.605; citation -1) 

  5. Ezra D., Masharawi Y, Salame K, Slon V, Alperovitch-Najenson D, Hershkovitz I. Demographical aspects in cervical vertebral bodies’ size and shape (C3-C7): A skeletal study. Spine Journal. 2017; 17:135-142. (Impact factor 2017: 2.962; 5 years Impact factor: 3.164; citation -9).

  6. Milhem M., Kalichman L., Ezra D., Alperovitch-Najenson D. Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Physical Therapists: A comprehensive Narrative Review (2016). Int J Occ Med 29(5).  (Impact factor 1.025; 5 years impact factor: 1.597; citation-29)

  7. Claus Jessen, Razi Dmi`el, Itzhak Choshniak, David Ezra and Gernot Kuhnen (1998). Effects of dehydration and rehydration on body temperatures in the black Bedouin goat. Eur J Physiol 436: 659-666. (Impact factor in 2014- 4.101; citation-56). 

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