Dr. Gil Or Oren
Fields of Research
School of Management & Economics
  • online social networks

  • Social networks user's characteristics

  • psychological predictors and addictive behavior of social network users

  • false self in the online social networks

  • commercial value of online social networks

  • commercial electronic Word of Mouth

  • self-image enhancing products in social networks

Short Bio

Oren Gil-Or has more than 20 years of experience in teaching management and psychology for undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of universities and colleges across the country. In the management studies Oren’s expertise are in the marketing and strategy fields.

In addition, Oren is researching the online social networks for the last 15 years from both the business and psychological aspects. Some of his researches are focused around users characteristics, psychological predictors, addictive behavior and false self in the online social networks, as well as the commercial value of online social networks, commercial electronic Word Of Mouth, self-image enhancing products in social networks and more.

Oren has a wealth of industry experience, where he has held management positions in Israel and abroad, and also has rich experience in mental health in the public sector and in private clinics.

Oren graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Master's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Business Administration.

Selected Publications

Gil-Or O. (2009): Commercial value creation for service companies in Facebook (and the other

Online Social Networks), 2nd Annual EuroMed Conference Proceedings, Salerno, Italy, October 2009, pp. 745-755, ISBN: 978-9963-634-76-7

Gil-Or O. (2010): The potential of facebook in creating commercial value for service companies, Advances in Management, Vol. 3 (2), pp. 20-25, ISSN: 0974-2611

Gil-Or O., Rekettye G. (2012): Social group buying pricing decisions, Far East Journal of Psychology and Business, Vol. 6 (1), pp. 22-29, ISSN: 2219-5440

Gil-Or O., Banyai E. (2014). Commercial Value in Online Social Networks using eWOM. International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics, Vol. 3(6), pp. 65-77, ISSN: 2278-3369.

Gil-Or, O., Levi-Belz, Y., & Turel, O. (2015). The “Facebook-self”: Characteristics and psychological predictors of false self-presentation on Facebook. Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 6, article 99, pp.  1-10.

Turel, O., Poppa, N. T., & Gil-Or, O. (2018). Neuroticism Magnifies the Detrimental Association between Social Media Addiction Symptoms and Wellbeing in Women, but Not in Men: a three-Way Moderation Model. Psychiatric Quarterly, Vol. 89, pp. 605–619

Turel, O., & Gil-Or, O. (2019). To share or not to share? The roles of false Facebook self, sex, and narcissism in re-posting self-image enhancing products. Personality and Individual Differences, 151, 109506. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2019.109506

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