Dr. Kaplan Amit
Fields of Research
Dr. Kaplan Amit
School of Government and Society
  • Family studies

  • Family and labor market

  • Welfare policy

  • Comparative study

  • Gender studies

  • Quantitative Methodology

Short Bio

Dr. Kaplan (Ph.D. Tel Aviv University, 2010) is a sociologist, a senior lecturer, and the Head of The Family Studies Masters Program in the School of Government and Society, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. 

Her principal research interests include issues of family, work, gender, and welfare policy. Publications on these topics have appeared in journals such as the European Journal of Population, Journal of Family Issues, Social Science Research, Demographic Research, Population Research and Policy Review, Social Justice Research, and Human Reproduction.

Her research focuses on the effect of institutional arrangements on gender inequality within households. Specifically, she studies how welfare policy can shape power relations between spouses, and how it is associated with their familial relations, such as in the cases of divorce, fertility, and invisible work.

Ongoing research projects: 

  1. Divorce and inequality 

  2. Making Women's Invisible Work Visible: Removing Hidden Barriers to the Equitable Incorporation of Israeli Women into the Labor Market

  3. Knowledge and perceptions associated with egg and sperm freezing in Israel and Denmark 

Selected Publications

  1. Kaplan, Amit, Maha Sabbah-Karkabi, and Hanna Herzog. (2020). "“When I Iron My Son’s Shirt, I Feel My Maternal Role”: Making Women’s Invisible Work Visible." Journal of Family Issues: 0192513X19894351.‏

  2. Stier, Haya, and Amit Kaplan. (2019). "Are Children a Joy or a Burden? Individual-and Macro-level Characteristics and the Perception of Children." European Journal of Population (2019): 1-27.‏

  3. Kaplan, Amit. and Herbst, Anat (2018). Fragile Employment, Liquid Love: Employment Instability and Divorce in Israel. Population Research and Policy Review, 37: 1-31. 

  4. Kaplan, Amit. And Stier, Haya. (2017). Political Economy of Family Life: Couple’s Earnings, Welfare Regime and Union Dissolution, Social Science Research, 61: 43-56. 

  5. Herbst, Anat. and Kaplan, Amit. (2016). Mothers' Postdivorce Earnings in the Context of Welfare Policy Change. International Journal of Social Welfare, 25: 222–234. 

  6. Kaplan, Amit. and Herbst, Anat. (2015). Stratified Patterns of Divorce: Earnings, Education, and Gender. Demographic Research, 32: 949-982. 

  7. Hashiloni-Dolev, Yael., Kaplan, Amit. and Shkedi, Shiri. (2011). The Fertility Myth: Israeli Students’ Knowledge Regarding Age-Related Fertility Decline and Late Pregnancies in an Era of ART. Human Reproduction, 26(11): 3045-3053.