Dr. Krakovski Roi
Fields of Research
School of Computer Science

Computer Science: Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Algorithms.

Mathematics: Representation Theory and Algebraic Number Theory

Short Bio

Roi received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Ben-Gurion University. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Simon Fraser University. He then joined IBM Research labs in Haifa as a Machine Learning researcher and was a member of the Invention, Development and Technology Committee. Roi is a researcher in the field of graph theory and algorithms with more than 20 publications.

Selected Publications

  1. "An analogue of Bridges and Mena's theorem for local elds and a local-global principle", Linear. Alg. Appl 438: 342-347 (2013).

  2. (with M. Devos, B. Mohar and A. S. Ahmady) "Integral Cayley multigraphs over Abelian and Hamiltonian groups", Electr. J. Comb. 20(2):P63 (2013),

  3. "Topological minors in line graphs: A proof of Zha's conjecture", Combinatorica 34(2): 207-252 (2014).

  4. (with B.Mohar) "Homological Face-width conditions guaranteeing K6-minors in graphs on surfaces", SIAM J. Discrete Math. 28(3): 1257-1275 (2014).

  5. (with U. Onn and P. Singla) "Regular characters of groups of type An over discrete valuation rings", J. Algebra 496: 116-137 (2018)

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