Dr. Nelson Noa
Fields of Research
Dr. Nelson Noa
School of Management & Economics
  • Personal and organizational antecedents of conflict management and of motivation in organizations: gender issues, organizational justice and other leadership effects

Short Bio

Dr. Nelson is a lecturer at the School of Economics and Management in The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo (MTA), teaching MA and BA courses in the fields of organizational psychology and organizational development, and supervising MA research. She earned her Ph.D. degree in Social-Organizational Psychology from Bar-ilan University, for a dissertation on the effects of gender and power on negotiators' behavior and outcomes. In recent years, Dr. Nelson continued research on gender, negotiation and conflict management, while also expanding her topics to include organizational justice and indicators of motivation. She recently received an MTA grant for a research project in association with Israel Prison Service, that will explore leadership, motivation and conflict management among its staff. Noa serves as reviewer for scholarly journals, among them journal of Conflict Resolution, International Journal of Conflict Management and Journal of Negotiation and Conflict Management Research. Her works are published in peer-reviewed journals and presented in international conferences.

Selected Publications

  1. Publication in professional journal [in Hebrew]: Harel, Y., & Nelson, N. (2019). The Formulation of Occupational Identity in Israeli Gifted Young adults: Is it easier for them, compared with their peers elsewhere in the world? People at Work: Israel Journal of Career Development, 13-14, 56-63.

  2. Nelson, N., Peleg-Koriat, I., Ben-ari, R. (2018). Perceived procedural justice and conflict management in intimate relationships: the moderating effects of anxious attachment and personal power. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 7(1), 34-46.

  3. Peleg-Koriat, I., Nelson, N., & Ben-ari, R. (2017). The Effects of Perceived Procedural Justice on Conflict Management between Spouses, and the Mediating Role of Dyadic Adjustment. Negotiation Journal, 33(2), 129-152.

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