Fields of Research

Family formation, gender inequality, and Palestinian Society in Israel. My recent works concentrate on the relationship between social change such as improvement in educational attainment and marriage patterns, divorce and housework division of labor. 

Dr. Sabbah Maha
School of Nursing Science

Short Bio

Maha Karkabi-Sabbah is currently a visiting lecturer at The MA family studies program, School of Government and Society, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. She has finished three years of post-doctor fellowship; at Ben-Gurion University, at Tel Aviv University, and at the Center for Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London. She is also an associate researcher at The Center for Research and Study of the Family- University of Haifa. 

Her current works concentrate on family, gender, inequality, and Palestinian Society in Israel. 

She is the author of a number of articles on these themes in journals such as the Studies in Family Planning, Journal of family Issues and Israeli Sociology (in Hebrew).

She has received several awards and grants for her research, among them the Post-doctoral Scholar Award of The Israel Science Foundation (ISF). Recently, she received Truman Researcher Grant- The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for her study: Ethno-mixed marriages in a divided society: The case of Palestinian women married to Jewish men in Israel, and research grant of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space for her research: Socio-Economic Changes and Divorce in Developing Societies: The Case of the Palestinians- Arabs in Israel.

Selected Publications

  1. Sabbah-Karkabi, Maha, and Stier, Haya (2017). Links between education and age at marriage among Palestinian women in Israel: changes over time. Studies in Family Planning, 48 (1), 23-38. 

  2. Sabbah-Karkabi, Maha (2017). Homogamy Marriage by Education among the Palestinian Population in Israel. Israeli Sociology, 19 (2), 92-119. (Hebrew) 

  3. Sabbah-Karkabi, Maha (2018). Ethnoreligious mixed marriages among Palestinian women and Jewish men in Israel: negotiating the breaking of barriers. Journal of Israeli History, 36 (2), 189-211.

  4. Herbst-Debbie Anat, Sabbah-Karkabi Maha and Tal Meler. Palestinian mothers in Israel: Can a welfare-to-work program enhance their social capital? Current Sociology (forthcoming).

  5. Sabbah-Karkabi, Maha. Couples` Education and Gender Roles in the Palestinian Family in Israel: Implications of the Changing Educational Gender Gap. Journal of Family Issues (forthcoming).

  6. Desivilya Syna, Helena, Palgi, Michal, and Sabbah-Karkabi, Maha. (2018) Women's Experiences in Top Management Teams (TMTs): The case of Israeli National Majority and National Minority Women. In Women on Corporate Boards: An International Perspective. Pp. 131-148. Maria Aluchna and Guler Aras (Eds.): Routledge. 

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