Mr. Kirsh Amir
Fields of Research
School of Computer Science

Short Bio

Mr. Kirsh received his M.Sc. in Management Science from Tel-Aviv University with distinction, Recanati School of Business, 1994. He is a staff member at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo since 1998 and teach at Tel-Aviv University since 1997. Amir holds various industry roles in global hi-tech positions, including CTO of a startup company acquired by Comverse (2001) and being the Chief Programmer of Comverse (till 2014).

Selected Publications

A. Kirsh and I. Gaber

Satisfaction, Time Investment and Success in Students' Programming Exercise

Proceedings of the Programming Experience 2016 (PX/16)

in ECOOP – European Conference of Object Oriented Programming, July 2016

A. Kirsh and I. Gaber

Taxonomy of Students Code Issues in Object Oriented Programming Exercise

Presented as poster at ICER 2017, Tacoma USA, Aug 2017

I. Gaber and A. Kirsh

The Effect of Reporting Known Issues on Students' Work

The 49th ACM SIGCSE Computer Science Education, Feb-2018, Pages 74-79

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