Fields of Research

My current research focusses on new perspectives in Philosophy, History and Sociology of Emotions, e.g., the Historical moral significance of Affections; and the role of Language in the Social Construction of Empathy.

Prof. Lampert Khen
School of Nursing Science

Short Bio

My major academic fields of interest are Comparative philosophy, World History of Ideas, Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology, Buddhist Philosophy and Critical Pedagogy. 

After the completion of my PhD (Tel-Aviv University, 1997), and until 2015, I've served as a part-time lecturer in Comparative Philosophy and History at the East-Asian Studies department in Tel-Aviv University; and taught Critical-Pedagogy at Hkibutzim Teachers-College. 

During that period, I've published several academic monographs in Philosophy, Critical pedagogy and Comparative study of Religion.

Alongside academia, my major occupation for many years has been working with at-risk children and youth. I have a lifelong experience working with children in underprivileged neighborhoods in Israel, within various frameworks (Government & NGOs), that integrate education and welfare.

Since 2017 I have been teaching Social-Activism, Philosophy and History of Ideas, as a full-time associate-professor at the Academic College Tel-Aviv Jaffa.

Selected Publications

  1. Traditions of Compassion : from Religious Duty to Social Activism, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

  2. Empathic Education – A Critique of Neo-Capitalism, ( in Hebrew), Resling, 2008

  3. Meritocratic Education and Social Worthlessness, Springer, 2012

  4. A Language of Empathy, Tel-Aviv University Press (forthcoming 2020/1)

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