Prof. Mazursky David
Fields of Research
School of government and Society

Consumer decision making processes

Consumer innovation

creativity in marketing

online purchase behavior.

Short Bio

Prof. David Mazursky received his Ph.D. in marketing from the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University. He holds the Kmart chair in Marketing at the School of Business administration, The Hebrew University. His theories and research have focused on various consumer behavior and decision making topics as well as on innovation and creativity. His work has been widely published in leading journals, including Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Selected Publications

Mazursky D., Schul Y. (2000), “In the Aftermath of Invalidation: Shaping Judgment Rules upon Learning that Previous Information was Invalid”, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 9, 213-222.

Goldenberg J. Lehmann D., and Mazursky D., (2001) “The Idea Itself and the Circumstances of its Emergence as Predictors of New Product Success”, Management Science, 47, 69-84.

Morrin M, Jacoby J, Johar GV, Mazursky, D (2002) “Taking stock of stockbrokers: Exploring momentum versus contrarian investor strategies and profiles”, Journal of Consumer Research, 29 (2): 188-198 Sep.

Gibbert, M., &  Mazursky, D. (2009) "How successful would a phone-pillow be: Using dual process theory to predict The success of hybrids involving dissimilar products", Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Zachary E, Gibbert M, Guest D,, Mazursky D, (2012) “A dual-process model of brand extension: Taxonomic feature-based and thematic relation-based similarity independently drive brand extension evaluation”,  Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Gibbert, M., Hampton, J., Estes, Z., Mazursky D., (2012) "The Curious Case of the Refrigerator-TV: Similarity and Hybridization", Cognitive Science.

Guest, D., Estes, Z., Gibbert, M., Mazursky D. (2016) “Modulation of taxonomic (versus thematic) similarity judgments and product choices by inducing local and global processing”. Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

Steinhart, Y., Kamins M., Mazursky D. (2019) “Influence of the ‘Benefit of The Doubt’ in Online Auctions”. Marketing Letters.

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