Prof. Venezia Itzhak
Fields of Research
Prof. Venezia Itzhak
School of Management & Economics
  • Behavioral Finance

  • Interaction of accounting and finance

  • Incentive stock options

  • Insurance

  • Risk management

Short Bio

Itzhak Venezia is a Professor of Finance at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, the Chairman of the MBA program and of the Finance Area for the MBA studies. He holds the Sanger Chair of Banking and Risk Management (emeritus) at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel where he taught prior to assuming his current position. Professor Venezia is the editor in chief of the Lecture Notes Series in Finance, and the editor of the books: Behavioral Finance: Where do Investors Biases Come From? And of “Behavioral Finance: The Coming of Age”. He also authored the book" Lecture Notes in Behavioral Finance." Itzhak has published numerous papers in leading journals such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Banking and Finance, Management Science, and is the joint editor of the book: Bridging the GAAP: Recent Advances in Accounting and Finance. He taught as a visiting professor at Yale University, The University of California, Los Angeles, Rutgers University, and Northwestern University. Professor Venezia’s research currently concentrates on Behavioral Finance, where he contributes profoundly to the better understanding of the disposition effect, herding, the differences in biases between amateurs and professionals, and other issues. Itzhak holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.

Selected Publications

1. “Prediction markets: do they predict the polls or the election results? The case of the Israeli elections in April 2019”,in Venezia, I. (Ed.) Behavioral Finance: A Novel Approach, World Scientific Publishers, London (with Rachel Calipha), Forthcoming 2020

2. Bridging the GAAP: Recent Advances in Accounting and Finance, World Scientific Publishers, London, 2012 (Editor with Z. Wiener).

3. “Firm Specific and Macro Herding by Professional and Amateur Investors and Their Effects on Market Volatility,” 2011, Journal of Banking and Finance, 33, 1599–1609. (I. Venezia, A. Nashikkar, Z. Shapira).

4. "On the Preference for Full-Coverage Policies: Why Do People Buy Too Much Insurance?" Journal of Economics and Psychology, 29, 2008, 747-761 (with Z. Shapira).

5. “Patterns of Behavior of Professionally Managed and Independent Investors,” Journal of Banking and Finance, 25(8), August 2001, 1573-1587 (with Z. Shapira).

6. "The Determinants of Bond Call Premia: A Signaling Approach," Journal of Financial Services Research, 8, 1994, 243-256 (with E. Schwartz).

7. "Equilibrium Pricing Under the Bank‑Client Relationship," Journal of Banking and Finance, 13, 1989, 221-235 (with S. Greenbaum and G. Kanatas).

8. "The Effects of Inflation and Taxes on Growth Investments and Replacement Policies," The Journal of Finance, 38, 1983, 1519‑1528 (with M. Brenner).

9. "A Bayesian Approach to the Optimal Growth Period Problem: A Note," The Journal of Finance, 38, 1983, 237‑246.