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Dr. Coman Alex
Fields of Research
Dr. Coman Alex
School of Computer Science
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Arena mapping

  • Project Polarity

  • Agile; Scrum

  • Theory Of Constraints

  • Focused SWOT

Short Bio

Alex Coman - Technology Value Creation Expert. 

Dr. Coman is a veteran of the Hi-tech industry - worked, taught, consulted or served on the board of companies including IBM Research, AT&T, Intel, eBay, Samsung, Stratasys, Marvel, Syngenta, Novonordisk, Synopsys, PowerDsine, Motorola, Intel, Elbit, ECI, Comverse, Teva, Rafael, Pelephone, Orange, Elta and more.

Dr. Coman headed the Technion's program in Information Technology, was on the founding team of Izrael College and the first head of its Computer Science department.

Dr. Coman published numerous academic articles, chaired academic panels in international conferences and taught in the US, the Netherlands and at Bocconi University in Milan.

The creator of the ARENA model and numerous tools for strategic technology management Coman is currently commissioned by Springer to write a book on technology strategic management.

Dr. Coman is a regular expert on Hi-Tec issues on TV programs such as Layla Calcaly (Economic Night), London and Kirshenbaum, Channel Ten, Nine, Reshet, Keshet, I24 news editions, Real-Estate Secrets and more.

Selected Publications

  1. Coman, A., and Ronen, B., "Icarus' predicament: Managing the pathologies of overspecification and overdesign", International Journal of Project Management, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp. 237-244, April 2010

  2. Coman, A., Boaz Ronen, "Focused SWOT: diagnosing critical strengths and weaknesses", International Journal of Production Research, Volume 47, Issue 20, pages 5657–5676, October 2009 

  3. Coman, A., “ARENA mapping: An effective strategy focusing tool”, Journal of Human Systems Management, Volume 27, Number 4 / 2008 

  4. Coman, A., “IPVM: IT support of concurrent product development teams”, International Journal of Technology Management, Vol.20, Nos. 3/4, pp. 388-404, 2000

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