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Dr. Fein Ofer
Fields of Research
Dr. Fein Ofer
School of Behavioral Sciences
  • Psycholinguistics

  • Strategy

  • Psychology of sexual orientation

  • Application of queer theory to psychology

  • Relationship agreements among gay men and prejudice against LGBT people

Short Bio

Dr. Fein is a senior lecturer at the School of Behavioral Sciences in The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo where he currently serves as the Head of the BA program in Psychology. Dr. Fein received his doctorate from the Psychology Department, Tel-Aviv University, and was a post-doctoral fellow in Princeton University. His work has been presented in international conferences and published in scholarly journals.

Selected Publications

  1. Giora, R., Cholev, A., Fein, O. & Peleg, O. (2018). On the Superiority of Defaultness: Hemispheric perspectives of processing negative and affirmative sarcasm. Metaphor and Symbol, 33(3), 163-174.

  2. Fein, O., Noked, S., & Giora, R. (2015). Under/standing cartoons: The suppression hypothesis revisited. Journal of Pragmatics, 86, 86-93.

  3. Fein, O., Yeari, M., & Giora, R. (2015). On the priority of salience-based interpretations: The case of sarcastic irony. Intercultural Pragmatic, 12(1), 1-32.

  4. Giora, R., Fein, O., Aschkenazi, K., & Alkabets-Zlozover, I. (2007). Negation in context: A functional approach to suppression. Discourse Processes, 43(2), 153-172.

  5. Giora, R., & Fein, O. (1999). Irony: Context and Salience. Metaphor and Symbol, 14, 241-257.

  6. Giora, R., & Fein, O. (1999). On understanding familiar and less-familiar figurative language. Journal of Pragmatics, 31, 1601-1618.

  7. Lubow, R. E., & Fein, O. (1996). Pupillary size in response to a visual guilty knowledge test: new technique for the detection of deception. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2, 164-177.

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