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Dr. Saabni Raid
Fields of Research
Dr. Saabni Raid
School of Computer Science
  • Machine learning

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Neural Networks

  • Computer vision

  • Historical Document Image Analysis

  • Handwriting Recognition

  • Image Retrieval

  • Facial Expression Recognition

  • ADHD detection based on EEG signal and FER

  • Image and Signal Processing

Short Bio

Dr. Saabni is a senior lecturer, a researcher, and the head of the master’s program at the school of computer science in the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafo. He received his BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1989, MSc with honor, and Ph.D. in computer science from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in 2006 and 2010, respectively. His Ph.D. in Computer Science (October 2006 – October 2010) Titled: “Historical Document image Analysis and Arabic script Recognition” was done under the supervision of Prof. Jihad El-Sana.

During his study and research Dr. Saabni received some Honors and Awards such as an Award for excellence Ph.D. studies from the Computer Science Department and the Friedman Prize for Outstanding achievements in research in 2009, Award of Excellence in teaching from the department of CS at BGU, 2009-2010 and the Ministry of Science Award for outstanding (Arab, Druze, Cherkes) Ph.D. Students, 2009-2010. He also won on competitive Grants as a P.I, a Co-Researcher or a Research student such as the ISF 2009-2011 (BGU), Ministry of Science 2011—2014 (TRDC, TAU), Ministry of Science 2012—2015 (TRDC, TAU), Trilateral-DFG 2010 - 2012 (BGU, TRDC) and Trilateral-DFG (Second Phase) 2012 – 2015 (BGU, TRDC). He co-authored over 30 papers in leading scientific journals and conferences

Selected Publications

  1. Keren Hochman, Amir Averbuch, Alon Schclar and Raid Saabni, A Manifold Learning Framework for the Detection of Cardiac Disorders in Acoustic Signals. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, ICPRAM 2020, Valletta, Malta, February 22-24, 2020, 2020.

  2. Raid Saabni, Robust and Efficient Text: Line Extraction by Local Minimal Sub-Seams. In ISCSIC ’18, 2018.

  3. Raid Saabni, Facial expression recognition using multi Radial Bases Function Networks and 2-D Gabor filters. 2015 Fifth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications (ICDIPC), 2015.

  4. Raid Saabni, Abedelkadir Asi and Jihad El-Sana, Text line extraction for historical document images. Pattern Recognit. Lett., 2014.

  5. Pantke, W., Märgner, V., Fecker, D., Fingscheidt, T., Asi, A., Biller, O., ... & Yehia, M. (2013, January). HADARA–A software system for semi-automatic processing of historical handwritten Arabic documents. In Archiving Conference (Vol. 2013, No. 1, pp. 161-166). Society for Imaging Science and Technology.‏

  6. Raid Saabni, Efficient Word Image Retrieval Using Earth Movers Distance Embedded to Wavelets Coefficients Domain. In 12th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, ICDAR 2013, Washington, DC, USA, August 25-28, 2013.

  7. Raid Saabni and Alex Bronstein, Fast Keyword Searching Using ’BoostMap’ Based Embedding. In 2012 International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, ICFHR 2012, Bari, Italy, September 18-20, 2012.

  8. Raid Saabni and Jihad El-Sana, Word spotting for handwritten documents using Chamfer Distance and Dynamic Time Warping. In Document Recognition and Retrieval XVIII, part of the IS&T-SPIE Electronic Imaging Symposium, San Jose, CA, USA, January 26-27, 2011, Proceedings, 2011.

  9. Raid Saabni and Jihad El-Sana, Language-Independent Text Lines Extraction Using Seam Carving. In 2011 International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, ICDAR 2011, Beijing, China, September 18-21, 2011.

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