MTA, in partnership with the European Academy of Work (EAdA) at the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the Macro Center of Political Economics, Israel, and the Hans-BÖckler-Foundation (HBS), now offers an International Certificate Program, in which students are offered a full, one-year scholarship to study one semester in Israel and one in Germany in order to enrich their academic knowledge regarding scientific work and methods, sociology, industrial relations, the future of work and digital economy, labor laws, politics and economics. The Program targets students seeking a career in trade unions, NGOs, the field of co-determination, or social, welfare or political organizations. EAdA is a private foundation of the German Trade Union Confederation, the State of Hesse and the city of Frankfurt am Main that seeks to train workers for activities in business and public life in an effort to promote the democratic participation of employees in the state, society and companies.