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Our Graduates Make the Headlines: Founder of Gett and SVP Technology at Fyber Tell Us All about Their Success. Dave Waiser founded Israel’s largest taxi company almost accidentally, while he was waiting for a taxi that didn’t arrive. Gal Aviv was promoted to a senior position after the startup company he worked for was purchased. These are the stories of two of our School of Computer Science graduates, who have been changing the high-tech scene.

MTA graduates continue to make the headlines. This time, two of our Computer Science graduates are in the spotlight: Dave Waiser, founder and CEO of Gett and Gal Aviv, SVP Technology at Fyber.

Waiser founded his first company, Infoauto, during his studies at MTA in 1997, after which he joined Comverse. In 2005 he founded Loyalize in San Francisco, which exited in 2010. Gett was founded almost accidentally: in 2009, Waiser met a potential candidate for a position at Loyalize. When the interview was over, Waiser waited with the candidate for a taxi to the airport – but the taxi never arrived. While waiting, the two started brainstorming technological solutions to the problem. Mr. Waiser recently gave an interview to “Calcalist”, one of Israel’s prominent finance papers, recalling, “at that point, I had no vision – it was just something that interested me. I designed a demo and started showing it to friends. I said, ‘look, this is how things are going to be like in the future.’ It was actually very similar to how Gett looks today”.

Gal Aviv, SVP Technology at Fyber, holds an MA in Computer Science. His career started as team leader at the company, which was then a small startup named Interactive. Together with growth of the company, so did his responsibilities grow, and he started leading several teams under the Backend group. He was later appointed as VP R&D at Interactive, and after the company was purchased by Fyber, he was chosen to lead the development teams at the group. Today he leads the entire technology department, which constitutes half of the international company.

As SVP Technology, Mr. Aviv manages the company’s technological activity run by the company, namely the development departments in Israel and Berlin. Today, some 130 engineers work under his leadership, he told Geektime magazine. Mr. Aviv spends half of his time in Israel, and half in Berlin, commuting between the two places on a bi-weekly basis. “My responsibility is first and foremost organizational, since my position is a senior one, and yet the most important aspect of my job is to lead the company’s technological vision – how we approach challenges, build infrastructure, and more.”

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