The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Celebrates its 25th Year of Activity

25 years ago, a revolution in Israel’s higher education was started, upon the establishment of public colleges. The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa (MTA) was the first to open its gates. The rest is history.

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance,” Socrates said, and over the centuries, many have reiterated.

25 years ago, a revolution in Israel’s higher education was started: public colleges were permitted to open, and thousands of students, who for various reasons did not find a welcoming home in universities, entered the gates of academia.

The public colleges made higher education accessible to all population groups, with MTA being the first college to open. In a modest building in Tel Aviv city center, the college began operating with its first ever cohort of students, who were still unaware that they were making history.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since, and today MTA operates from its campus in the center of Jaffa, and has opened more academic programs, becoming one of Israel’s finest colleges; it is a pioneer academic institution with a clear mission statement: to harness its resources for the benefit of society. We promote this mission through implementing a unique model of New Academia, which combines three pillars of Experiential Learning, Applied Research, and Social Commitment. MTA has developed this model to train graduates who are equipped to thrive in a constantly evolving society. By inspiring our students’ curiosity, debate, community involvement and critical thinking, we provide them with the necessary tools to develop sustainable solutions that will satisfy the tension between humanity, technology, and personal responsibility, and enable them to develop a career fit to the needs of the ever-changing demands of the modern job market.

MTA has been skillful in its integration of creating new knowledge with involvement in the community: striving towards a better society, establishing community projects, volunteer work and engagement with different cultures and minorities, and the development of the environment in which we live – all of these guide us in our work and make us a source of inspiration in the eyes of students and the community alike.

MTA holds among the highest acceptance criteria among academic institutions nationwide - colleges and universities alike, and our graduates hold key positions in Israel’s different spheres, many of them continuing their studies in the most sought-after PhD programs. To that extent, many employers seek out MTA graduates; today, approximately 10% of high-tech workforce is comprised of MTA graduates. Each year, 4,000 students undergo studies and training in our different programs, and tens of thousands of members of the Israeli society benefit from our applied research and community initiatives.

All of these values will be celebrated in MTA’s 25th year of activity. In the upcoming year, we will showcase our work towards professionalism, academic excellence, educational innovation and a broad engagement in society and environment. The close attention we give to our students and the support we provide our community with, without compromising academic excellence will all be present in the celebrations throughout the year.

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