MTA Student Dormitories are Advancing

The building of the new student dormitories at Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa (MTA) is advancing, with the dorms being prepared to open in the beginning of the next academic year. We installed a special video camera to document the project as it progresses.

The building of the new student dormitories at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa (MTA) is advancing. The dorms will be made available for students in the beginning of the next academic year, with the housing process beginning in the upcoming winter.

With MTA's fast growing campus and sizable student body of 4,000 students a year, it is fast becoming Tel-Aviv's second largest institution of higher education and a formidable figure in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa landscape. Despite its size and reputation, MTA has yet to have proper housing facilities to offer its students.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the world's ninth most expensive city. Apartments are rented to students at an impossibly high price, which continues to rise from year to year in the unregulated Israeli real estate market. Therefore, the challenge of finding both adequate as well as affordable housing in areas surrounding MTA’s campus is one that many students face. The primary aim of the new dorm building is to dismiss the geographic and economic elements as discouraging reasons that deters students from attending the college.

Student dormitories will serve as a much-needed solution to this problem. This extraordinary project, which spans six acres, will house 400 students at affordable and accessible prices – at least 15% less than the average market price. In addition to housing, the dorm building will include commercial areas and various student services.

The building process is being carried out by Israel’s largest building company (Solel-Boneh) in the BOT method: the company will also operate the dorms for a period of 25 years, after which the management will be taken over by the college. The cost of construction is estimated at $16,000,000.

Mr. Benny Alon, CEO of MTA, recently toured the construction site, and met with the building managers at Solel-Boneh, who committed to make the dorms available in line with the schedule.

As part of the upcoming initiation of MTA Dormitories on October 2019, Senior members of Keren Hayesod (UIA) visited the campus in order to promote cooperation for donations of the college's construction projects, including naming the dormitories, naming the building for economics and management and naming the health sciences building that is to be built.

The UIA delegation also visited the developmental laboratory which is an essential part of SEED Center for the Study of Early Emotional Development.

On behalf of the UIA participated was Aya Charif , Director of the Projects Division; Michal Shiloah, responsible for capital projects in the Projects Division; And Aviva Rubin, responsible for the Project Proposals Database in the Projects Division.

The MTA College was represented by Benny Alon, CEO of the College, Liat Weiss Shahaf, Vice President for External Relations and Tal Stalik, Project Manager, External Relations Department at the College.

UIA Delegation at MTA

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