New collaboration between the Mahalach Foundation and the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

The Mahalach Foundation and the College will launch this January a one-of-a-kind collaboration – the course "Self-Income Development in Social Organizations", designed to help managers in the social field develop sustainable financial independence and strength.

The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA) will open a new non-academic course in January, in collaboration with a Mahalach Foundation, that teaches social organizations how to generate self-income. A first of its kind in Israeli academics, the course is intended for leaders of social organizations and will be headed by Dr. Oren Gil-Or of MTA’s School of Management and Economics.

The "Self-Income Development in Social Organizations" course targets social organization managers and board members, policy makers and senior executives in the public sector and corporate professionals interested in integrating social thinking into their organization and many more. , representatives of philanthropic foundations and others. The course presents an innovative worldview for the management of social-businesses, by imparting tools and capabilities for the development of self-income and the building of a sustainable business model in social organizations.

"Creating and diversifying sources of income has become a critical survival mechanism during the Corona period," explains Iris Shalgi, founder and chairman of the Mahalach Foundation. The year 2021 will be very challenging for social organizations, as there is going to be a budgetary problem for many organizations. Shalgi further explains that the Mahalach Foundation’s model has been formulated over the years and brings together practices and methods developed based on professional experience in the field.

In collaboration with MTA, the organizers will add academic theory to real-world practice in an effort to create a complete toolbox for managers of organizations.

"In recent years, almost 100 non-profit organizations have submitted applications to us for support, and we accept eight to ten organizations. Therefore, we wanted to share the knowledge with as many managers as possible, who can disseminate it in their companies, and that is why we have developed the course. A team of Mahalach Foundation advisors conveys the course alongside MTA lecturers,” adds Shalgi.

The course exposes managers to an innovative economic model while providing tools and capabilities for the development of self-income. Building a sustainable business model in social organizations serves as a basis for changing the way of thinking in the social arena and strengthening the financial standing and economic independence of the social sector in Israel. Moreover, the course is based on the Mahalach Foundation model and combines knowledge and academic theories with practices that can be readily applied.

Course participants will receive a variety of content, including familiarity with models and principles for self-revenue development. The course will impart applied tools and business models for professional management and expose participants to advanced theories from the field of business administration, while emphasizing relevant models for self-revenue building.

The Mahalach Foundation is a family philanthropic foundation founded by Iris and Gal Shalgi in 2015, with the goal of leading social organizations to self-income development. The Foundation was established out of a desire to refine the sources of funding in social organizations and reduce their dependence on traditional philanthropy.