The Social Business Entrepreneurship Center 2.0

The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo’s (MTA) social entrepreneurship efforts have now advanced to the point that they produce social-impact enterprises that are based on a clear and stable business model, while increasing the professionalism of the infrastructure organizations and service providers in the field.

MTA’s innovative social entrepreneurial model is being embedded in the various arenas, offering professionals and non-profit organizations a platform for creating financially viable businesses that bring about social change. This refined form of social engagement challenges conservative NGO approaches while holding great promise to stimulating Israel’s economy and creating long-lasting change within its communities. As a program that promotes out-of-the-box thinking in an effort to advance society rather than a specific one-goal-focused platform, it is uniquely poised to generate ripples of social transformation throughout Israel’s industries and sectors. Given the great potential of this approach, it was only natural that it would assume a more structured form. Enter the Social Business Entrepreneurship Center.

For ten years now, the Social Business Entrepreneurship Center promotes a pioneering socio-business agenda that includes unique professional development and hands-on training processes - from the planning phase to the actual establishment and operation of a viable business.

Only 15 exceptional students from both undergraduates and graduate programs are being selected to participate in the venture, gain real-time experience in the marketplace, understand how things work in the field, engage in meaningful work, and develop a toolkit that few have the privilege of acquiring during their studies.

The end results are a multitude of creative endeavors - in many fields and disciplines.

Ariel project for therapeutic gardening in schools, one of the initiatives of the Center

Here are some prime examples:

• Rehabilitation of at-risk youth and returning them to the classroom through a wall-climbing empowerment program

• A community economic system designed to empower small businesses

• An innovative technology interface that eases the submission of official sexual harassment complaints in organizations

• A program that disseminates smart consumerism and environmental practices among parents and students, in collaboration with educational entities in Israel

• Guidance service to prevent the financial collapse of parents of newborn premature babies, combined with a digital system for community assistance

• Online learning programs for mothers on maternity leave to help them keep in touch with the work force by creating online courses.

And the list goes on ...

At present, five ventures have entered the launch phase and are taking their first steps in realizing their social business plan and examining their feasibility in the market. Alongside these, we are preparing for the next cycle, which will be launched in early 2020.

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