2019 Visit of UIA Victoria, Australia

MTA hosted a visit of Keren Hayesod (UIA) mission from Victoria, Australia.

The mission met with MTA President Prof. Shlomo Biderman, who highlighted the revolutionary role of the public colleges in Israel and the uniqueness of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Avinoam Armoni, Chairman of the College's Executive Committee, shared with them the vision of New Academy, while Liat Weiss-Shahaf, Vice President for External Relations, presented MTA’s main projects.

During the visit, mission members learned about MTA’s unique Bachelor of Nursing Science track for ultra-Orthodox men and received a first-hand encounter with Moshe Sover, a third-year student in the program. Sover told the mission members of his remarkable personal story, and how the MTA program for ultra-orthodox men changed his life and those of his peers. Sover said that from his perspective "this groundbreaking program could lead to a true revolution in Israels society, creating bridges to overcome social and cultural differences".

The mission also visited the ground-breaking applied research developmental laboratory of the SEED Center. The SEED Center for the Study of Early Emotional Development combines developmental research concerning the parent-baby dyad and early emotional development, conducting training programs for therapists, educators and parents, and a center for the treatment and study of infants and toddlers. All these elements contribute to the SEED Center’s efforts to change public policy concerning preschoolers in Israel .

At the Developmental laboratory, the mission received a glimpse into the fascinating SEED applied research processes, which includes counselling new parents, monitoring the interaction with their babies and gathering information using advanced physiological technologies equipment such as advanced cameras and audio and computerized eye-movement sensors, enables the advanced collection and processing of information.

UIA Delegation at MTA

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