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School of Behavioral Sciences

M.A. in Developmental Psychology

Emphasis is put on providing broad, in-depth, theoretical and applied knowledge on the normative changes expected in all areas of development.
The program develops student’s skills in various areas of developmental psychology while instilling in them an understanding of the complex interactions between the individual and his or her environmen

School of Behavioral Sciences

M.A. in Educational Psychology

Students acquire theoretical, methodological and applied knowledge on how to promote mental well-being in the community. Emphasis is put on learning and applying individual, family and systemic treatment methods relevant to the daily work of an educational psychologist. The program is based on a combination of disciplines that describe and explain normative and pathological developmental, cognitive, and psychological processes, and provides insight as to how these interrelationships interact.

School of Behavioral Sciences

M.A. in Occupational Psychology

The Occupational Psychology program incorporates a broad range of theoretical fields—human, organization, work, and social behavior—along with references to the challenges of the future in an occupational space of innovation and dynamism. The most comprehensive of its kind in Israel, the program meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health to specialize in all branches of the organizational occupational division. Students are provided with all the relevant content areas for specialization and integration into work in these areas.

School of Behavioral Sciences

M.A. in Rehabilitative Neuropsychology

The program’s applied-clinical training provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical learning, both in therapy and in diagnosis, to diagnose and treat people with various neurological conditions, such as cognitive, physical, mental, developmental and social disorders. Students also acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of rehabilitative psychology, which will enable them to diagnose and treat people dealing with a variety of challenges related to rehabilitation, such as physical and mental limitations and dealing with chronic illnesses with long-term consequences for functioning.

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