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School of Government and Society

The MTA School of Government and Society prepares students for a career of public service in Israel. Lead by accomplished and field-tested faculty, students are ushered into a world of experiential learning and research that explores topics such as media studies, regulation and digital governance.

Experiential Learning

Students of the School of Government and Society receive a foundation of interdisciplinary social science that includes; political science, sociology, governance, public policy and political communications. In addition, the school affords students the opportunity to work alongside governmental leaders, policy makers, legislators and civil servants to gain firsthand knowledge, hone pragmatic skills and engage in valuable networking opportunities.

The school offers a unique BA degree program that combines theoretical studies with practical work experience; and an MA degree program in Family Studies, an interdisciplinary field of studies that combines practical training in family counseling. The school also runs a first-of-its kind program called Young Adult Studies for up and coming students interested in working with public service leaders here in Israel to acquire firsthand knowledge and practical experience across a number of fields and disciplines.

Applied Research

In 2018, the school will open the Israel Center for Applied Regulation (ICAR), Israel’s first center dedicated to the research of regulation. ICAR faculty and staff, including former public service officials, will work with government and non-government regulatory agencies to promote efficient, effective and socially responsible regulation governance in Israel.

Social Commitment

The school is adamantly committed to working with public service organizations and NGOs to address important local and national social issues through targeted initiatives that advance meaningful legislation, advocacy and policymaking. It should be noted, many of our MTA alumni discover their career path whilst working on such programs.

Dean / Professor Assaf Meydani

Full Professor Assaf Meydani has been a Visiting Scholar at the Center for New Institutional Science at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri; the Institute of Management, Innovation, and Organization at the University of California, Berkeley; at the Centre for the Study of Judicial Institutions & the Centre for Public Policy Analysis at the Department of Political Science University of Bologna, Italy and at the Center for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford.
Professor Meydani's research interests include public policy, politics and law, and political economy.
He is the author of several books among them The Anatomy of Human Rights in Israel, Constitutional Rhetoric and State Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2014); The Israeli Supreme Court and the Human Rights Revolution, Courts as Agenda Setters (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

Meet our Alumni

Itay Sarag / Government and Society

Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

As Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Mr. Sarag plays a crucial role in strategizing and promoting the Mayor’s workplan for the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. He is also the founder and operator of a Technology in the Community initiative - a project that works in cooperation with MTA to reduce technological gaps among young people and the elderly through community courses and workshops. Prior to his role at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Mr. Sarag served as Executive Director of Pardes organization for the neighborhood development in South Tel Aviv and as Coordinator of Youth Sector at the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee.
“MTA paved my career through social and political networking – peers as well as professors became partners for professional work. The small classrooms were a tremendous asset for meaningful learning. Most importantly, at MTA, we never succumbed to mediocracy.”

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