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2021-2022 Academic Year Calendar

First Day of Fall Semester

Sunday, 10.10.2021

Last day of Fall Semester

Friday, 07.01.2022

First Day of Spring Semester

Sunday, 13.02.2022

Purim Holiday**

Thursday, 17.03.2022

Passover Holiday**

Sunday, 14.04.2022 – Friday, 22.04.2022

Eve of Holocaust Memorial Day*

Wednesday, 27.04.2022

Eve of Israel Memorial Day*

Wednesday, 04.05.2022

Israel Memorial Day**

Thursday, 05.05.2022

Israel Independence Day**

Friday, 06.05.2022

Last day of Spring Semester

Friday, 03.06.2022

Shavuot Holiday

Sunday, 05.06.2022

First day of Summer Semester

Sunday, 10.07.2022

Last day of Summer Semester

Friday, 16.09.2022

Classes are Paused during Memorial Ceremonies (9:45 – 10:30 am):
Itzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony * - Thursday, 18.10.2021
Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony* - Thursday, 28.04.2022
Israel Memorial Day Ceremony * - Tuesday, 04.05.2022

The dates will vary from year to year as we follow the Jewish calendar and not the Gregorian, each year will be updated

 (*) Classes will end at 6pm 
(**) No Classes 

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