Message from the President

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA), Israel’s leading applied academic education institute and a powerful agent of social change. We exert our influence by endowing the leaders of tomorrow with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and experience they need to excel professionally while advancing ethical, environmental and sustainable practices that respect and benefit all stakeholders. 

We help shape the future by creating innovative programming that, alongside offering students valuable practical experience and exposure to real-life scenarios, directly impacts society. We achieve that with financial establishments, NGOs, at-risk youth, infants, high-tech companies, businesses, banks, governmental organizations and many others. 

While our mission is to advance a new kind of academia, our tool of implementation is a unique model that seamlessly synergizes the experiential learning of students, our versatile applied research endeavors, and our efforts to better society. We actively integrate this approach into all our academic tracks, which is most evident in our research centers, in which students, under the guidance of academic staff, embark on a different way of learning that involves interacting with members of society or organizations. 

We believe that New Academia is a sustainable model that is ideally suited to building an inclusive community and bringing about positive socioeconomic change for all. Moreover, all our unique programs and initiatives are built with the intention to serve as models that can be implemented by other entities and communities. Our demonstrated ability to develop, integrate, validate and replicate such programs ensures that successful platforms can be readily duplicated elsewhere, thus increasing their potential impact on society. We are proud of the recognition we are receiving  for our work.
I invite you to become a partner in our mission and to join us in molding the future of Israel’s academia, economy and society. 
Sincerely yours,
Prof. Shlomo Biderman
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