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Executive Committee

Chairperson / Adv. Amir Halevy


Amir Halevy, Adv. serves as a senior advisor for Family Businesses and Succession Planning at Ernest & Young Israel. Until September 2022, Amir was a Founding Partner at the law firm Gross & Co.

For many years now Amir has been extensively involved in social activity. Amir currently serves as the chairman of the Israeli Council for Voluntarism, as a member of the board of directors of the "Atalef" the official Israeli Navy SEALs (Shayetet-13) Association, as a member of the board of directors of Keshet-Donor Advised Fund and as the chairman of the audit committee of The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel. Between the years of 2014-2021, Amir served as a member of board of directors of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

Since 2013 Amir has been a member of the college's board of trustees, and serves as chairman of the college's audit committee since 2015 until being appointed to chairman of the executive committee.

Executive Committe Members:

Chairperson: Adv. Amir Halevy

Mr. Eli Assraf

Ms. Hava Bar-Shai Glass

Prof. Gideon Dror

Mr. Shay Feldman

Dr. Tali Gaiger-Avigdor

Prof. Michael Karayanni

Mr. Mordechai (Moti) Kohn

Adv. Miri Katz

Ms. Dalia Narkys

Prof. Michal Parnas

Prof. Dror Wahrman

Adv. Pepi Yakirevich

Business Conference

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Assraf Eli

  • Ms. Bar-Shai Glass Hava

  • Prof. Dror Gideon

  • Mr. Feldman Shay

  • Dr. Geiger-Avigdor Tali

  • Adv. Halevy Amir - Chairperson

  • Prof. Karayanni Michael

  • Adv. Katz Miri

  • Mr. Kohn Mordechai (Moti)

  • Ms. Narkys Dalia ​

  • Prof. Parnas Michal

  • Prof. Wahrman Dror

  • Adv. Yakirevich Pepi

Committee Structure

The Executive Committee is selected by the Board of Trustees to carry out its decisions and oversee their execution. The Executive Committee further has residual authority on all matters of the college that are not explicitly imparted in the bylaws, and therefore makes important decisions on an almost daily basis. 
The Chairperson of the Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Trustees from among its members for a period of four years, and can be re-elected for up to two terms of office of four years each.

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