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Executive Committee

Chairperson / Mr. Moti Cohen

Mr. Mordechai (Moti) Cohen served as the first CEO of The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo from its establishment in 1994 until 2007.

Since 2007 he served as the CEO of Tel Aviv University for about a decade and at the same time, for about two years, he served as the chairman of the CEOs' Forum of the Board of Universities.

Mr. Cohen has an extensive knowledge of the Israeli higher education system and of The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, its activities, and its leadership over the years. Beyond his formal duties in the governing bodies and various committees of the college, Mr. Cohen is involved in many other processes and contributes a lot to the development and promotion of projects in the college.

In addition, Mr. Cohen is engaged in extensive public activity and in this framework he serves, among other things, as a member of the boards of directors and executive committees of companies, associations and other public bodies.

Executive Committe Members:

Chairperson: Mr. Mordechai (Moti) Cohen

Mr. Eli Assraf

Ms. Hava Bar-Shai Glass

Prof. Gideon Dror

Mr. Shay Feldman

Dr. Tali Gaiger-Avigdor

Prof. Michael Karayanni

Ms. Miri Katz, Esq

Ms. Ester Levanon

Ms. Dalia Narkys

Prof. Michal Parnas

Prof. Dror Wahrman

Mr. Pepi Yakirevich, Esq

Business Conference

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Assraf Eli

  • Ms. Bar-Shai Glass Hava

  • Mr. Cohen Moti - Chairperson

  • Mr. Feldman Shay

  • Dr. Geiger-Avigdor Tali

  • Prof. Karayanni Michael

  • Adv. Katz Miri

  • Ms. Levanon Ester

  • Ms. Narkys Dalia ​

  • Prof. Parnas Michal

  • Prof. Wahrman Dror

  • Mr. Yakirevich Pepi, Esq

Committee Structure

The Executive Committee is selected by the Board of Trustees to carry out its decisions and oversee their execution. The Executive Committee further has residual authority on all matters of the college that are not explicitly imparted in the bylaws, and therefore makes important decisions on an almost daily basis. 
The Chairperson of the Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Trustees from among its members for a period of three years, and can be re-elected for up to two terms of office of three years each.

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