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New Academia

Experiential Learning, Applied Research, Social Commitment

Where We Stand

We make our stand in Jaffa, the heart and soul of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. A divergent crossroads of cultural exchange and knowledge overlooking an open sea of possibility. Poised at the future’s edge, grounded in history, and supported by spirited belief and ingenuity — together we build an inclusive community that rises with the dawn of a New Academia.


We stand proudly and confidently in the advancement of New Academia, an adaptive constellation of knowledge acquired within the transformative relationships between education, research, and society. A considered and purposed approach to inspire the curiosity, debate, and the critical thinking necessary to satisfy the tension between humanity, technology, and personal responsibility.


We stand ready to provide our community and people with academic opportunities that advance positive social change and sustainable economic security for the nation of Israel through the practice of a New Academia — Experiential Learning, Applied Research, and Social Commitment.

Social Commitment

Experiential Learning

  • ​We understand it is essential for students to apply academic theory, and practice classroom knowledge, to fully understand the breadth, depth, and socioeconomic impact of their chosen field of study.

  • In support of this belief, the MTA requires all students to participate in community programs, corporate projects, or mentorship programs as an integral part of their academic coursework.

  • In doing so, knowledge and experience are perpetually exchanged between the academic and “real” worlds — and students are better prepared for gainful and meaningful employment upon graduation — and throughout their lives.

Applied Research

  • We believe that knowledge gained through academic research must be taken beyond the walls of our institution and applied within the world in which we live — a world that inspired our research to begin.

  • With the generous support of our patrons and prestigious grants, MTA research institutes and initiatives advance rigorous scientific study that serves academics, professionals, policy makers and society through publishing, collaborations, workshops, training, conferences and community programs.

  • As a result, applied research affords, faculty, students, professionals, policy makers and the public with meaningful opportunities to benefit individuals, environments, economies and communities throughout Israel, and around the world.

  • At MTA, our approach to sustainable socioeconomic change is inclusive and collaborative.  We believe that knowledge is a shared commodity to be brought to light, employed and enjoyed by anyone, for the benefit of everyone.

  • To support our stand, the MTA has dedicated our resources and structured our experiential learning and applied research initiatives to serve the community of Yaffo and the people of Israel.

  • As a practice, our academic and socioeconomic leadership provides a pathway of opportunity, inspiration and pride for MTA faculty, students and the Yaffo community. As a benefit, our programs and initiatives operate in collaboration with a diversity of partners and stakeholders including, but not limited to; public institutions, civil associations, business enterprise, benefactors, individuals and community leaders.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We stand by the belief that we are all shareholders in the society and country we envision to build.

  • We believe MTA has a unique opportunity and responsibility for academic, social and economic leadership within our community and throughout our country.

  • We believe every citizen has a right to realize their potential and happiness through the benefit of higher education.

  • We believe that knowledge should be shared to inspire dialogue, give rise to understanding, and engender equality.

  • We believe our purpose and value are found within our diversity of our entire community.

  • We believe our society and economy will become stronger and more just through transformative partnerships and collaborations between members of academia, business, government and community.

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