School of Management & Economics

The MTA School of Management & Economics has become an influential force in Israel’s economic arena by rethinking traditional paradigms through the introduction of advance theories and models. As a result, many of our alumni occupy key leadership positions at government agencies, corporate stalwarts and entrepreneurial enterprises. Through research, teaching, and collaborations within the economic sector, the school is at the forefront of promoting a sustainable and socially-responsible Israeli economy.

Acting Dean

Prof. Itzhak Venezia

Itzhak Venezia is a world-renowned professor of finance. A holder of the Sanger Chair in Banking and risk management (emeritus) at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he specializes in risk management and behavioral finance, areas where he published numerous articles and books. He was also a visiting professor in several prestigious universities such as Yale, Berkeley, and UCLA. Combining academia and practice he served in the advisory board of Wells Capital Management (a division of Wells Fargo bank) and in the advisory board for banking affairs of Bank of Israel. Itzhak is currently the editor in chief of the book series “Lecture Notes in Finance” published by World Scientific Publishing Co.

B.A. in Economics & Management

Head of Program : Dr. Shirit Katav-Hertz

The undergraduate program (B.A.) in Economics and Management combines and links these two areas of knowledge, which is both an economist's and a manager's advantage. Economics studies combine theories and their applications with the Israeli and the global economy and provide students with important skills (e.g. advanced Big Data analysis tools) that are advantageous when entering the job market.

The program in Economics and Management offers internships for high-achieving students in their third year, in various organizations in the business and public sectors. The internship is an opportunity to apply the curriculum while studying and to graduate with work experience, familiarity with roles and organizations, tying work relationships, and even a potential for integration into the organization upon graduation.

The B.A. in Economics & Management offers specializations in:

  • Capital Market 

  • Real-estate

  • Entrepreneurship Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Service management

B.Sc. in Information Systems

Head of Program : Prof. Ruti Gafni

In modern life, technology surrounds us everywhere and accompanies us throughout the day, both in personal and work activities. For businesses, integrating information systems and technology is a basic prerequisite for success in competition with other businesses. The use of computers, communications, the Internet, smartphones, and tablets is essential for all industries including entertainment, medicine, banking, manufacturing, retail, and more. Also, the high-tech world in general and startups in particular, rely on these technologies.

following the increase in usage, there is an exceeding demand for skilled people in managing and developing these technologies, which can understand the needs of the organization, customers and suppliers, and translate these requirements into an information system based on the most advanced and suitable technologies. A bachelor's degree in Information Systems is the springboard needed for integration into the field.

Master's programs offered at MTA

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Head of Program: Prof. Hana Medler-Liraz

Students become familiar with and understand the various aspects pertaining to management, such as finance, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, in a broad and integrative way and specialize in one of these fields. The program is open to undergraduates from all areas who wish to enhance and expand their managerial knowledge and acquire skills that will prepare them for advanced management positions, both as private entrepreneurs and within public, private or third-sector companies.

The MBA program provides students with opportunities for professional advancement and enables them to meet the challenges facing tomorrow's administrators. Read More..

M.A. in Consulting and Organizational Development

Head of Program: Prof. Raphael Snir

It is this reality that has made consulting and organizational development an important and necessary profession. The program endows consultants with the high level of knowledge and skills needed to guide changes in work processes and organizational development.

In the current period of accelerated change, organizations face multifaceted challenges—technological, economic, cultural, social, demographic, and more—with solutions not contained within any given discipline.
Read More..

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