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The Student Union

 Is the leading body on campus on behalf of all students at the college. The unity of the Union instills a great strength socially and academically. The Student Union stands to uphold students' rights, provide for their wellbeing, and oversee student entertainment and social life. The union's structure is made up of volunteers and professionals alike, which is the best interest of students and students.

In order to succeed in responding to all student needs and issues related to student life, the Association has a number of committees each with its own purpose:

Academic committee

Provides assistance to students for: academic issues, making regulations, handling learning disabilities and accessibility, as well as accompanying and advising students before the disciplinary committee.


Culture committee

Over the course of the year there are many extensive events taking place, such as happenings, concerts, parties, a night of stand-up comedy, surprise giveaways on Hanukkah, Ramadan and Tu Bishvat, Student Day to name a few that bring a lot of joy to the students.

Wellbeing committee

Wellbeing is above all and therefore we are working to significantly improve the experience of being in college! Starting with the operation of Amon coffee (coffee for only two shekels), maintaining food quality in the cafeteria, establishing parking for students, and providing counseling for pension fund advice and legal issues.

Social Action committee

The team frequently promotes the connection between the student world and Israeli society in general and within Jaffa in particular. We encourage volunteering and address fascinating issues through lectures, panels and tours.

Sport/Fitness committee

The Association has a number of competitive sports teams, basketball and soccer, where men and women compete in the ASA league an annual competition between the academic institutions in Israel. In addition, there are many informal groups (fully or partially subsidized) like basketball, volleyball, a running group, yoga, Pilates, and the occasional ping-pong competition.

Correspondence committee

This group is responsible for all communications on behalf of the students and with external media content. The committee manages the various advertising platforms of the Association - the Instagram page, the official Facebook page, the Facebook groups for each class, the jobs page, the study groups, and the newsletter as well as all printed advertising materials. Lastly, they keep students on their toes with competitive raffles to be awarded to students. 

Campus Life

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