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Board of Trustees


Chairperson / Mr. Boaz Raam

Mr. Boaz Raam is an entrepreneur, businessman (investor in real estate, industry and high-tech) and a social investor. He is a founding partner  and member of the board of directors of General Mills Israel (from the global food concern General Mills) and a board member and partner in  Volta-Belting (an industrial company based in Carmiel with operations in Europe and the US). 
As an entrepreneur and active social investor, Boaz is a member of the JDC's global board, a founding chairman of Partners of NFTE Israel  (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship), a member of the board of directors of Unistream and a member of the board of directors of  Ogen- the social lending fund. Boaz is a member of JFN (Jewish  Funders Network) as well as the Committed to Give initiative which promotes Israeli philanthropy, and is also an investor in social bonds through SFI (Social Finance  Israel). He is involved in the activities of other social organizations, mentors social entrepreneurs and advises new start-ups in their early  stages. 
Boaz was born in Israel, grew up in Holon city, served in the army in  the Intelligence Corps and holds a bachelor's degree in economics  from Columbia University (1984). He is married to Ruthie, a father of 4 daughters and a grandfather to 3 grandchildren.


The Board of Trustees is comprised of a diverse, distinguished and accomplished group of leaders and influencers from the worlds of academia, business, government and society.The Board of Trustees' duties and functions support the improvement and expansion of the academic activities of the college.

Mr. Yusuf Abu-Ja'far

Prof. Dan Amir

Mr. Eli Assraf

Ms. Relly Avishar

Ms. Hava Bar-Shai Glass

Mr. Haggai Barel

Mr. Gabriel Bilczyk

Mr. Mordechai Cohen

Prof. Yoram Dinstein

Mr. Alon Dori

Prof. Haim Einat

Mr. Shay Feldman

Prof. Nehemia Friedland

Mr. Michael Gaiger

Prof. Yoav Ganzach

Mr. Rami Guzman

Dr. Hilla Hadas

Ms. Osnat Hillel Fain

Mr. Zeev Holzman

Mr. Paul Israel

Adv. Miri Katz

Ms. Ester Levanon

Mr. Ofer Levin

Mr. Ron Manshes

Mr. Gur Na'aman

Ms. Dalia Narkys

Dr. Hila Oren

Prof. Michal Parnas

Dr. Shula Recanati

Mr. Yossi Sela

Adv. Joseph Shatach

Ms. Linoy Sobra

Mr. Yariv Sultan

Dr. Tamar Tauber-Pauzner

Prof. Dror Wahrman

Dr. Dorit Weil-Lotan

Prof. Amiram Yehudai

Ms. Rivka Zafrir

Dr. Guri Zilka

Mr. Yossi Alfi

Mr. Dror Amir

Mr. Abraham Attias

Mr. Nissiim Bar-El

Mr. Kobby Barda

Mr. Dan Barnea

Mr. Mickey Blumental, CPA

Adv. Shirel Dagan Levy

Ms. Ronit Dolev

Prof. Gideon Dror

Mr. Shlomo Eliahu

Ms. Oshik Feller Gil

Prof. Ruti Gafni

Dr. Tali Gaiger-Avigdor

Mr. Alan Gill

Ms. Esther Gvili

Adv. Amir Halevi

Mr. Paz Hirshman

Mr. Ron Huldai

Prof. Michael Karayanni

Adv. Roly Klinger

Mr. David Leviatan

Mr. Boaz Linenberg

Mr. Elie Mersel

Prof. Dalit Naor

Ms. Smadar Nehab

Prof. Yair Orgler

Dr. Israel Peleg

Mr. Ziv Rosen

Mr. Tomer Sharet

Mr. Zvi Slonimsky

Mr. Arik Steinberg

Ms. Nava Swerky Sofer

Dr. Graciela Trajtenberg

Mr. Philippe Weil

Adv. Pepi Yakirevich

Ms. Choulud Zabane Tannes

Kadi Mouhammad Zibde

Mr. Raviv Zoller

Board Structure

The Board of Trustees is the supreme authority of the college and under its jurisdiction, according to the general bylaws, the following fiduciary responsibilities fall:
•    The election of the Board of Trustees chairperson, the Executive Committee and its chairperson, the election of the president of the college and his/her deputies, the election of a comptroller, an Audit Committee, and the authorization of their jurisdictions.
•    Supervision over the management of the college's assets.
•    Approval of the plans and annual operating and development budgets.
•    Establishment of operating bylaws for the academic council to form permanent and ad hoc committees, and in determining their powers and responsibilities.
•    Appointing an accountant and determining his/her wage, approving the financial statements of the association, amending the association’s bylaws, determining the use of the association’s assets and estate during dissolution procedures.
•    Selecting the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees 
•    The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees will be selected from among the members of the Board of Trustees for a period of three years. At its conclusion, he/she can be reelected for up to two terms of office of three years each, for a total of nine years.
•    The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees will be empowered, if the need arises, to appoint deputies, with the approval of the Board of Trustees.


Board Of Trustees

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