Mifrasim Institute

For Psychotherapy Research and Training

Operating since 2016, Mifrasim Institute for Psychotherapy Research and Training is an applied institute that promotes research, teaching and training designed to disseminate an integrative approach to the study and practice of psychotherapy.

Leading members of the Faculty of Behavioral Science are involved in the Mifrasim Institute, complemented by active collaborations with key psychotherapy researchers from Israel and other countries.


Our three-pronged vision is to:

Develop psychotherapy research and training from integrative and evidences-based perspectives;

Promote training and knowledge in well-established psychotherapeutic methods that emphasize integration between theory, research and practice;

Advance integrative knowledge concerning the treatment of core psychological problems.

The Mifrasim Institute operates a wide range of research projects on various psychotherapeutic techniques. Our data is generated through the joint effort of faculty members and M.A. and B.A. students to classify the therapeutic techniques of 86 treatments, each consisting of 12 sessions of brief integrative psychotherapy. Thanks to this work, 10 research projects are  already in advances stages.

These projects focus on the integrative nature of therapeutic techniques; the implications of the richness of the therapeutic technique for different patients and different therapeutic stages; the impact of therapist self-disclosure for different patients and in different therapeutic stages; the influence of the dialectics between supportive and challenging interventions; and more.  


Training options at the Mifrasim Institute include the following:

15 symposiums and conferences on psychotherapeutic models
Three-year diploma program
30 courses in contemporary integrative psychotherapeutic models

More than 4000 students and 600 professionals have already attended our symposiums and courses, respectively.

Dr. Sharon Ziv-Beiman, Head of Mifrasim Institute

Sharon-Ziv Beiman (PhD) – clinical psychologist, faculty and head of "Mifrasim Institute for Psychotherapy Training and Research" at the School for Behavioral Sciences, the Academic College Tel Aviv Yaffo, co-manager of "Siach Group – Institute for Relational Psychotherapy" Tel Aviv, former chair of the Israeli chapter of IARPP and former board member of IARPP, member of the organizing committee of the Israeli Group for Psychotherapy Research (ISPR) and the Israeli Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Integration (ISEPI). 
Main research fields – psychotherapy integration, therapeutic technique and psychotherapy training. Private practice with adults and couples.  


For further information about our initiatives or pathways to your personal support of the MTA Capital Fund, please contact:

Head of Mifrasim Institute: Dr. Sharon Ziv-Beiman

Research Coordinator: Nurit Rokach

Teaching Coordinator: Maya Lehman

Email: mifrasim@mta.ac.il

Phone: +972 52 -734 -1212
Fax: +972 3 -680-3430

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