The Academic College

of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA)

MTA is a pioneering non-for-profit and fully accredited public institution. We are dedicated to providing our community with academic opportunities that advance positive social change and sustainable economic security for the nation of Israel through the practice of a new academia — experiential learning, applied research, and social commitment.

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Where We Stand

We make our stand in Jaffa,  the heart and soul of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. A divergent crossroads of cultural exchange and knowledge overlooking an open sea of possibility. Poised at the future’s edge, grounded in history, supported by spirited belief and ingenuity, we build an inclusive community that rises with the dawn of a new academia.

What We Stand For

We stand proudly and confidently in the advancement of a new academia, our ethical and sustainable approach to experiential learning, applied research, and social commitment.

We stand by our belief that knowledge is a shared commodity brought to light, employed and enjoyed by anyone, for the benefit of everyone.

MTA stands for an adaptive constellation of knowledge acquired within the transformative relationships between research, education and society, with the dedicated goal to inspire the curiosity, debate, and critical thinking necessary to satisfy the tension between humanity, technology, and personal responsibility.

We stand by the belief that we are all shareholders in the society and country we envision to build.

•    We believe in equal opportunity.

•    We believe in learning by doing.

•    We believe in personal responsibility.

•    We believe in transformative knowledge.

•    We believe in our people, community and country.

•    We are committed to the principles of experiential learning, applied research, and social commitment.

Stand With Us

We have laid the foundation and created the structure, now we look to you to join us to embrace and benefit from our innovative academic programs, real-life opportunities and meaningful social initiatives today, to better our shared tomorrows.