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School of Government and Society

The MTA School of Government & Society combines broad-based theoretical studies with hands-on practical experience in order to empower students with the advanced theoretical knowledge and pragmatic skills they need for future success. Lead by accomplished and field-tested faculty, students are ushered into a world of experiential learning and research that explores topics such as media studies, regulation and digital governance.

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Dr. Graciela Trajtenberg is the Dean of the School of Government & Society at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Her 2005 book "Between Nationalism and Art: The Social Construction of the Israeli Art Field During the Yishuv Period" received the 2006 Mordechai Ish-Shalom Award for Best Academic Book on Israeli History.  

Graciela was formerly Head of the Sociology of the Arts Research Network at the European Sociological Association (ESA-RN 2). She is currently a member of the RN Advisory Committee.

She studies the connection between art, culture, and politics, focusing on the relationship between art and nationalism, women and gender in art, and the social and political aspects of street art in Israel. Her recent research concerns the status of the artist and artistic careers in Israel.


Dr. Graciela Trajtenberg

Master's program offered at MTA

M.A. in Family Studies

Head of Program: Dr. Amit Kaplan

This knowledge, together with the counseling orientation of the program, turns students into family affairs experts who possess the tools to improve the quality of life of families in a variety of fields.

Within the M.A. in Family Studies, students can specialize in Individual Counseling for Families. This specialization focuses on the unique, new challenges contemporary families face, such as parental partnership, parental authority, change in the role of the family in integrated families with different couples, single, or single-family households, and living in the digital era. Emphasis is also put on multi-generational families and related challenges, such as retiring, moving to a nursing home, late parenting, etc.

The program deepens learner knowledge and understanding of the types of family structures, the difficulties families face, the social mechanisms that affect families and their lives, and the diverse values and attitudes that guide them. Read More..


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