International Office Team

Welcome to the International Relations Office (IRO) page, at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA). If you're here that's already a good sign. 


The IRO team oversees the development and fulfillment of all global partnerships, collaborations, and exchanges. We believe everyone, who wants, should be able to experience studying abroad in some capacity the course of their degree. Therefore we equip our students and faculty alike to be proactive and embrace the wealth of opportunities that exist. 


MTA is involved in a myriad of programs (which we can facilitate) such as:

Student and faculty exchange

Erasmus+ mobility programs 

Short-term intensive programs

Joint digital courses,

Research projects, and more. We are always open to embracing new proposals.


Please be in touch, we'd love to connect. 

We hope to see you on our campus soon. 


Prof. Vered Holtzmann Ph.D

Director of Research, Development & Innovation



Mr. Roni Shefner


International Office



Mrs. Deena Mesika

Coordinator of International Academic Relations


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