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We stand by the belief that we are all shareholders in the society and country we envision building. We have laid the foundation and created the structure, now we look to you to stand with us in support of our academic programs, social initiatives and capital improvements today, and into our tomorrows.

We are dedicated to providing our community with academic opportunities that advance positive social change and sustainable economic security for the nation of Israel through the practice of a new academia — experiential learning, applied research, and social commitment.

We are gratful and honored for the generous and resolute support of local and international partners from the public, private and civil sectors who share in the vision of our mission and the value of our work.

We welcome your support and invite you to take part in our success by partnering with us on one of our current Capital Investment Initiatives or Flagship Projects listed below, or contact us with regard to other initiatives or projects that are close to your heart and within the scope of MTA’s academic mission and vision.

Capital Investment Initiatives

Unique Naming Opportunity
at the New Student Village
at the Academic College of
Tel Aviv-Yaffo

The new eco-friendly Student Village
provides affordable living to the

College's students while serving as a
cultural and social center for the students

and the surrounding community.

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The Building for Health Sciences

at the Academic College

of Tel Aviv-Yaffo /


MTA will construct a new building for an Integrative Health Science Center that will be

an home for research units and training facilities for future and continuing education healthcare professionals. In addition, the building of the School of Economics and Management will undergo restorative work.

Flagship Projects

Need: Over 50% of ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews live in poverty, and while a growing number of Haredi men are eager to enter academia and overcome financial, religious and cultural obstacles, traditional Haredim academics and labor practices do not provide the training that is necessary to integrate in long-term, sustainable employment.

Opportunity: MTA offers a groundbreaking nursing program for Haredi men, sanctioned and approved by Haredi rabbis, and which includes financial packages and schedules that address religious obligations.

Results: Since its establishment, the program has seen five consecutive years of program growth, with a 100% rate of employment for graduates.

Support: Learn more about supporting this program.

Nursing Degree for Ultra-Orthodox Men

SEED (1).jpg

SEED Institute for the Study of Early Emotional Development

Need: To research parent-infant communications and support innovative intervention programs that strengthen family relationships, individual wellbeing, and long-term health of our economy, security and society.

Opportunity: To create a dedicated research, education and policy center for MTA students, scientists, clinicians and social service professionals

Results: A robust combination of research, education, professional training, preventative services, and advocacy for high-risk populations

Support: Learn more about supporting this program.

Therapy Session

The Mifrasim (Sails) Institute

Need: To provide intervention and support services to at-risk populations facing addiction, substance abuse and suicidal behaviors

Opportunity: The institute conducts research that studies the underlying conditions that lead to dangerous behaviors; provides integrated programs that offer better and more adaptable prevention and mitigation methods for individual patients and programs for students and professionals to identify and address early signs of dangerous behaviors in youth.

Results: Programs for students and professionals to identify and address early signs of dangerous behaviors in youth

Support: Learn more about supporting this program.

Analyzing Graphs

Government Performance Institute

Need: To improve government through the promotion of monitoring, efficiency and increased public participation
Opportunity: To advance performance measurement indicators; collaborate with local, regional and national government; and implement Big Data tools and promote interdisciplinary knowledge, methodology and systems.
Results: Improved government efficiency, economy and society


The Purpose Generator

Need: To cultivate entrepreneurial initiatives that respond to society’s most acute needs among MTA students.
Opportunity: To engage and inspire a generation of change-makers to establish financially self-sustainable social initiatives that benefit communities across the nation.
Results: Programs, projects and business ventures that emerge from the Incubator bring real social change to the lives of tens thousands of people throughout Israel.

Learn more about supporting this program.


For further information about our initiatives or pathways to your personal support of the MTA Capital Fund, please contact:


Yariv Sultan, Vice President

Development & External Relations

Mobile +972-52-851-0022


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