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School of Behavioral Sciences

The MTA School of Psychology is considered one of the finest and most prestigious in Israel, and boasts the largest Master’s in Psychology program in the nation.

In addition to training mental-health experts and practitioners, the school is home to several applied institutes that promote groundbreaking research in areas of high national and social priority.

The School of Psychology is considered one the Israel's' most prestigious and valued institutions, thanks to a unique combination of extensive research, young and dynamic faculty and an uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

The school operates in small classrooms, enabling personal attention to each student, adapting the curriculum to its needs, and providing support and response to every need, in order to enable it to realize its full potential. The constant striving for excellence is based, among other things, on advanced research in a variety of fields, and encouraging faculty members to engage in research in all areas of behavioral science, which has been developing rapidly in recent years.

The School is actively involved in a variety of programs throughout Jaffa and South Tel Aviv. As part of their studies, under supervision of the faculty, undergraduate and graduate students provide therapeutic mental-health services for diverse communities with unique needs that include, but are not limited to: infants and toddlers with developmental problems, at-risk youth, youth and adults dealing with addictions and substance abuse, and patients with chronic and terminal illnesses.  

Major research centers in the School of Behavioral Science are (1) SEED Institute for the study of early emotional development and parent-infant relations, and (2) Mifrasim Institute for psychotherapy that promotes research and practice in this field.

The School offers B.A. in Psychology and programs with major Human-Computer Interaction, Human Resource Management, or Sports and Physical Activity. It also Offers M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Medical Psychology, Rehabilitation Neuropsychology, and Occupational Psychology.


Acting Dean

Prof. Yonata Levi was a senior faculty member of the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University and Hadassah –Hebrew University Medical School. An expert on language development and developmental psychology, her studies focused on child language, reading and cognitive abilities. She later turned to study children with neuro-developmental syndromes. Her research now centers on autism spectrum disorder.

She is a founding member and the scientific consultant to EITAN – Everybody Can, an NGO that helps children with rare disorders achieve goals they never thought possible.

In 1999, she founded the M.A. program in Neuropsychology at the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which at the time was the only neuropsychology training program in Israel. By heading the program in its first seven years, Prof. Levi played a decisive role in establishing the field as a psycho-clinical specialty. It was during those years that the NGO for neuropsychology was established, as were research and treatment directions in the field.

From 2007 to 2011, Prof. Levi served as Provost of Rotberg International School at the Hebrew University, which boasts 2,000 students each year and a 200-strong staff. The school is an important facet of the Hebrew University’s international ties.


Research topics

Language development in healthy children and those with birth defects

Reading acquisition in children with neuro-developmental disorders

Language and cognition in children with neuro-developmental disorders

Autistic spectrum syndrome

Prof. Yonata Levi

B.A. in Psychology

Head of program : Dr. Ofer Fein

The undergraduate program in Psychology aims to provide students with knowledge and research tools in all areas of Psychology, as well as in related fields (such as Sociology and Anthropology). In addition, students acquire research skills through intensive courses in statistics, research methods, and data collection and analysis.  The program emphasizes "hands-on" learning through a diverse variety of experiential courses.  

During the third year, students participate in two research seminars, one in psychology and one in sociology. As part of this study, each student conducts independent research under the seminar lecturer's personal guidance. The program is adapted to the requirements of the master's degree in psychology and sociology at universities in Israel.

The B.A. in Psychology offers specializations in:

  •  User Experience (UX)

  • Occupational Psychology

  •  Sport and Exercise Psychology

Master's programs offered at MTA

M.A. in Rehabilitative Neuropsychology

Head of Program- Dr. Odelia Elkana

The program’s applied-clinical training provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical learning, both in therapy and in diagnosis, to diagnose and treat people with various neurological conditions, such as cognitive, physical, mental, developmental and social disorders. Students also acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of rehabilitative psychology, which will enable them to diagnose and treat people dealing with a variety of challenges related to rehabilitation, such as physical and mental limitations and dealing with chronic illnesses with long-term consequences for functioning.

Neuropsychology is one of the leading areas of applied psychology in the world today, integrating the mental world with neuroscience. Read More..

M.A. in Occupational Psychology

Head of program: Prof Hadva Braunstein-Bercovitz

The Occupational Psychology program incorporates a broad range of theoretical fields—human, organization, work, and social behavior—along with references to the challenges of the future in an occupational space of innovation and dynamism. The most comprehensive of its kind in Israel, the program meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health to specialize in all branches of the organizational occupational division. Students are provided with all the relevant content areas for specialization and integration into work in these areas.

Occupational psychology is a field of research and application directed at human and organizational psychology aspects of the work place. Read More..

M.A. in Educational Psychology

Head of Program: Dr. Sami Hamdan   

Students acquire theoretical, methodological and applied knowledge on how to promote mental well-being in the community. Emphasis is put on learning and applying individual, family and systemic treatment methods relevant to the daily work of an educational psychologist. The program is based on a combination of disciplines that describe and explain normative and pathological developmental, cognitive, and psychological processes, and provides insight as to how these interrelationships interact.

The program provides the educational, medical, clinical, developmental and organizational-systemic knowledge required to become an educational psychologist. Read More..

M.A. in Developmental Psychology

Head of Program: Prof. Ruth Sharabany

Emphasis is put on providing broad, in-depth, theoretical and applied knowledge on the normative changes expected in all areas of development.

The program develops student’s skills in various areas of developmental psychology while instilling in them an understanding of the complex interactions between the individual and his or her environment. Read More..

M.A. in Medical Psychology

Head of Program: Prof. Rebecca Jacoby

Medical psychology is a research and therapeutic area that focuses on understanding the links between the physiological, psychological, social and cultural variables that may influence the onset of mental and physical illnesses, and on ways of coping with and preventing them.

Medical psychology is a research and therapeutic area that focuses on understanding the links between the physiological, psychological, social and cultural variables that may influence the onset of mental and physical illnesses, and on ways of coping with and preventing them.

M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Head of Program: Dr. Dafna Dolberg

The program trains psychology graduates in the latest care trends while developing diverse thinking and combining clinical skills and research capabilities.

The program trains psychology graduates in the latest care trends while developing diverse thinking and combining clinical skills and research capabilities.

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