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  • African Refugees

  • Activist Research

  • Political Anthropology 

Dr. Yaron Mesgena Hadas
School of Nursing Science

Short Bio

Hadas Yaron Mesgena is a senior lecturer at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and has completed her MA and Ph.D. studies in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Hadas specializes in political anthropology and in recent years in activist research and anthropology.

Hadas's research dealt with the area, settlement and national territory in the context of Zionism, as well as asylum seekers from Africa living in Israel, with Israeli refugee policy, focusing on the Sudanese and Eritrean communities.

Her research is based on field research and archival research in Israel and abroad and published in English and Hebrew.

Hadas' research on asylum seekers in Israel is based on a mixed approach and the creation of activist research within the framework of social organizations and rights organizations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

As part of this activity, she also founded a pre-wave aid project at the Center for the Advancement of African Refugees in Tel Aviv in 2010, which was also funded by the European Union and the Dutch Embassy in Israel. Since 2017 she has been focusing on unaccompanied minors as well as on children and families living in Jerusalem. 

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  1. Yaron H. (2006) 'Shadows and Traces: Excavating the Buried, Narrating the Mute, Ethnography as 'Collage' in the Jezreel Valley (Israel)' In: Re-Mapping the Field: New Approaches in Conflict Archaeology (eds) A. Klausmeier, L. Purbrick and J. Schofield , Germany: Westkreuz Verlag, Chapter 1, pp. 9-14. 

  2. Yaron Mesgena H. (2015) 'Divide and Rule: The Politics of Asylum in Israel', In Levinsky Asmara Corner (ed) Tally Amir Krtizman ,Val Leer Institute [Hebrew] 


  1. Yaron H (2010)  Zionist Arabesques: Modern Landscapes Non Modern Texts, Boston: Academic Press. 

Refereed Articles

  1. Yaron H Campbell J and HaShimshoni Yafe N (2013) ‘Infiltrators or Refugees?’ International Migration  Volume 51, Issue 4, pages 144–157.

  2. Hashimshony Yafe N and Yaron Mesgena H (2015) ‘In the Absence of States : Trasnationalism  and Eritrean Refugees in Israel’, African Diaspora, 8, 121-146

  3. Yaron Mesgena H and Ramati O (2017) Where Time Stands Still: Holot Detention Facility and the Israeli Anti Infiltration Law, Hagira, 8, Special issue on Asylum Seekers and Refugees ed by Rebeca Raijman 

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