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Dr Keren Hanetz-Gamliel
Fields of Research
Dr Keren Hanetz-Gamliel
School of Behavioral Sciences

· Relations between family’s subsystems: marital relations, co-parenting, parent- child relations, triadic family interaction

· Parental Mentalization

· Child psychotherapy

· Therapeutic work with parents

· Group supervision

Short Bio

Dr. Hanetz-Gamliel is a faculty member and a lecturer at the graduate programs of Clinical Psychology (Head of the Child Clinical Psychology program 2017-2019, 2021) at the School of Behavioral Sciences, the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo. She holds a B.A in Psychology and Business Management (1994), and M.A (1997) and a Ph.D. (2007) in clinical psychology, all from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Hanetz-Gamliel is a licensed (Israeli) Clinical psychologist and supervisor in psychotherapy and clinical assessment. She graduated the Primitive Mental States program from Advance Studies in Psychotherapy (2013), School of Continuing Medical Education, Tel-Aviv University.

Her research interests revolve around her clinical work and experiences. She mainly interested on the complex interrelationships in family subsystems, and their potential influence on child development. Currently she focuses on parental mentalization (especially the assessment of Parental Reflection and Mind-Mindedness) as a moderator and ‘protective factor’ for child development in the face of risks such as parents’ anxiety, marital conflict, and the COVID-19 pandemic. She also studies the impact of mentalizing therapeutic interventions with parents on the parents’ and children’s wellbeing.

In addition, Dr. Hanetz- Gamliel has a special interest in training processes of novice psychologists, particularly through group supervision.

Selected Publications

Hanetz-Gamliel, K., Levy, S., & Dollberg, D. G. (2021). Mothers’ Anxiety and Parenting as Mediators of the Associations between COVID-19 and Children’s Behavior Problems. Developmental Psychology. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 30(11), 2732-2743.

Dollberg, D. G., Hanetz-Gamliel, K., & Levy, S. (2021). Mediation-moderation links between mothers’ anxiety and mentalization and children’s psychopathology before and during COVID19. Current Psychology, 1-12.

Dollberg, D. G., Gamliel, K. H., & Levy, S. (2020). Mediating and moderating links between coparenting, parental mentalization, parents’ anxiety, and children’s behavior problems. Journal of Family Psychology, 35(3), 324 - 334.

Hanetz Gamliel, K., Geller, S., Illuz, B., & Levy, S. (2020). The Contribution of Group Supervision Processes to the Formation of Professional Identity among Novice Psychotherapists. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 1-24.‏

Hanetz Gamliel, K. (2019). Lack of mentalization in child psychotherapy: The role of the therapist. Journal of Child Psychotherapy, 45(2), 162-175. doi: 10.1080/0075417X.2019.1650389

Hanetz Gamliel, K., Dollberg, D. G., & Levy, S. (2018). Relations between parents’ anxiety symptoms, marital quality, and preschoolers’ externalizing and internalizing behaviors. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 27(12), 3952-3963.‏

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