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Dr. Heizler Odelia
Fields of Research
Dr. Heizler Odelia
School of Management & Economics
  • Migration

  • Public policy

  • Ethnic identity

  • Political behavior

  • Social networks

Short Bio

Odelia Heizler received her Ph.D. in Economics from Bar Ilan University, Israel, in 2008. She then joined to the Hebrew University as a postdoctoral research fellow, and currently she serves as a faculty member in Tel-Aviv –Yaffo Academic College. Her research focuses on various aspects of the economics of family and migration, such as: social networks, illegal immigration, migration policy and intergenerational transfer. Her research focus is related to works in sociology and psychology, incorporating results from these literatures into economic models.

Facing the rising in the number of labor immigrants as well as asylum seekers moving into Europe, recently Odelia has examined the attitudes toward immigration for a lot of European countries and the economics effect of this attitude.

Odelia Heizler is research fellow at IZA – Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Germany since 2009 and in Global Labor Organization (GLO) since 2017.

For Odelia Heizler's working paper see

Selected Publications

1. Gil S. Epstein and Odelia Heizler, ''Minorities and Political Success'', Economics Bulletin, 2018, 28(1), pages 657-671, (with Gil S. Epstein).

2. "The Formation of Immigrant Networks in the Short and the Long Run", Economies, 2016, 4 (with Gil S. Epstein).

3. "The Formation of Networks in the Diaspora", International Journal of Manpower, 2016, 37(7), 1136-1153 (with Gil S. Epstein).

4. "Ethnic identity: A Theoretical Framework", IZA Journal of Migration, 2015, 4(1), 1 (with Gil S. Epstein).

5. "Who Will Be Idol? The Connection between Social Networks and Winning on Reality Shows”, Journal of Socio-Economics, 2012, 41(1), 18-25 (with Ayal Kimhi).

6. “Illegal Migration, Enforcement and Minimum Wage”, Research in Labor Economics, 2008, 28, 197-224 (with Gil S. Epstein).

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