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Dr. Kantsepolsky Boris
Fields of Research
Dr. Kantsepolsky Boris
School of Information Systems

Short Bio

Dr. Boris Kantsepolsky is a lecturer in the School of Information Systems at Tel Aviv Jaffa Academic College. He has over 25 years of extensive experience in leading strategy, business, products, and technology development in multinational corporations and SMEs. Along the years in the high-tech industry, Dr. Kantsepolsky has dealt with information and telecommunication technologies, systems, and services for a variety of smart-city and safe-city markets. Dr. Kantsepolsky is an expert in deploying innovation activities, establishing international collaborations, developing new areas of activities, and entering new markets. He initiated, led, and participated in multiple R&D programs with businesses and research centers from Europe, the USA, and Israel. Dr. Kantsepolsky provides consulting services in the fields of business strategy, R&D incentive programs, and international research grants.

Selected Publications

• Mordecai, Y., Kantsepolsky, B. (2018). Intelligent utilization of dashboards in emergency management. Proceedings of 15th Int. Conf. on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM). Rochester NY, USA.

• Karakostas, A., Vrochidis, S., Kompatsiaris, I., Kantsepolsky, B., Moßgraber, J, Wanner, L., Mandler, B., Karppinen, A., Ferri, M., Vourvachis, I., Castro, C., Lintrup, K. (2018). ­ beAWARE: Enhancing Decision Support and Management Services in Extreme Weather Climate Events

International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection. Munich, Germany.

• Kantsepolsky, B. (2017). Disaster resilience: Challenges and perspectives. The Tel Aviv Coastal Forum 2017: Resilience and Sustainability in Coastal Cities. Tel Aviv, Israel.

• Kantsepolsky, B. (2015). Israeli high-tech: The formula of success. Startup Ireland, Annual Event. Cork, Ireland.

• Kantsepolsky, B. (2011). Internet of Things: Challenges of the 21st century and technological innovation. Israeli Internet Society 15th Annual Conference. Ramat Gan, Israel.

• Kantsepolsky, B., Morillo, R. (2010). Energy Saving Information Platform: ICT infrastructure for energy-positive buildings and neighborhoods. GREEMBED 2010. Stockholm, Sweden.

• Gabay, C., Kantsepolsky, B. (2008). Real-time monitoring and control in the cold chain. 3rd International Workshop on Cold Chain Management Workshop, Bohn, Germany.

• Gabay, C., & Kantsepolsky, B. (2008). Enhance safety and road transport via V2V communication. 15th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems. New York, United States.

• ­Gabay, C., & Kantsepolsky, B. (2008). Safety and efficiency for European road transport. Transport Research Arena Europe 2008. Luibliana, Slovenia.

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