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Dr. Katav-Herz Shirit
Fields of Research
Dr. Katav-Herz	Shirit
School of Management & Economics
  • Behavioral Economics

  • Immigration

  • Labor standards and Labor economics

  • Culture and Economics

  • Population Economics

  • Household Economic

  • Experimental Economics

Short Bio

Dr. Katav-Herz is a doctor of Economics at the School of Management and Economics in the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo.

She has B.A in Economics, M.A in Economics, and Doctorate in Economics from Bar-Ilan University. She joined the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo at 2002 and served as the Head of Economics Studies in The School of Management and Economics between 2008-2013. Then, she was appointed to the Head of the B.A. Program in Economics and Management, School of Management and Economics until the present.

Shirit researches in the fields of Behavioral Economics, Immigration, Labor Economics and Labor standards, Culture and Economics, Population Economics and Household Economics and Experimental Economics.

She is a member of  IAREP- International Association for Research in Economic Psychology and GLO -Global Labor Organization.

Selected Publications

  1. Katav-Herz, Shirit and Epstein, Gil S., (2022), Social Norms and child Labor- Review of Development Economics, 26(2), 627-638.

  2. Epstein, Gil S. and Katav-Herz, Shirit, (2019),Who is in Favor of Immigration: the Wealthy or the Poor?  the Old or the Young? Economics Bulletin, 39(2), 1424-1434.

  3. Katav-Herz, Shirit, (2010), Chapter 27, The Implications of Social Norms on Immigration Policy- in Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang (ed.) Migration and Culture (Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 8) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.677 – 689.

  4. Katav-Herz, Shirit, (2003), A Model of Parental Demand for Child Labor with high Fertility Norms, Review of Economics of the Household 1, 219-233.Impact factor 0.972. 

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