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Dr. Konichezky Andres
Fields of Research
Dr. Konichezky Andres
School of Behavioral Sciences
  • Spirituality-Self compassion

  • Self-transcendence

  • Technological based Psychotherapy- anxiety, depression, addictions

Short Bio

Dr. Konichezky is a senior clinical and medical psychologist whose therapeutic expertise ranges from Psychoanalytic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Mindfulness, Ego State Therapy and Hypnosis. He Founded the Cognitive behavioral unit at Tel-Aviv University, the Psychosomatic Clinic at Schneider Children's Hospital, served as the chief psychologist for the Psychiatric Unit for Children and Adolescents at Sheba Medical Center and then as Head Psychologist of the Edmund and Lily Safra Children's Hospital. 

Dr. Konichezky has been involved in several research projects and published articles in the areas of biofeedback, cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis, as well as in the field of psychosomatics. His current research interests include Spirituality - meditation and self-compassion in children and adolescents, Self-Transcendence as a Psychological Capital across life span. Technological based Psychotherapy- technological based interventions in the field of anxiety, depression, obesity and addictions.

His lecturing activities include Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Object relation theory, Cognitive behavioral Therapy, Pediatric Psychodiagnostics , Psychosomatics, , Self-Compassion, Biofeedback, Philosophy of mind-body, Ego States therapy, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Selected Publications

  1. Konichezky A. and Gothelf D. (2011). Somatoform Disorders in Children and Adolescents. "Hareffua". Vol 150, No. 2 Pp. 180-184. (Hebrew)

  2. Myerson, J. and Konichezky, A (2011). Hypnotically Induced Dissociation (HID) for the enhancement of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of OCD patients. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 53:3,

  3. Konichezky A. (2011). Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments for Somatoform Disorders in Children and Adolescents. In: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children Therapeutic Principles.Editors: Nilly Mor, Joop Meijers, Sofi Marom, Eva Gilboa-Shechtman. (Hebrew)

  4. Konichezky A. (2011). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of Specific Phobias in Children and Adolescents. (2011). In:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children Therapeutic Principles.Editors: Nilly Mor, Joop Meijers, Sofi Marom, Eva Gilboa-Shechtman.(Hebrew)

  5. Slutsker B. Konichezky A. and Gothelf D. (2010). Breaking the cycle: Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Biofeedback training in a case of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Psychology, health & medicine. 15(6):625-31.

  6. Myerson, J. and Konichezky, A. (2009). Out-of-Illness Experience: Hypnotically Induced Dissociation as a Therapeutic Resource in Treating People with Obstinate Mental Disorders. American Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol. 63, No2.

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