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Dr. Leiba Moshe
Fields of Research
Dr. Leiba Moshe
School of Information Systems
  •  Learning analytics

  • The influence and use of ICT in educational systems especially in STEAM education 

Short Bio

Dr. Leiba heads the Learning Innovation Authority at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Jaffa and an Assistant Professor at the School of Management & Economics (information systems). 

Moshe holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, a Teaching Certificate, an MA (Magna cum Laude) in Technology, Mathematics and Science Education and a PhD in Educational Technology from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Moshe was a Lecturer and Researcher at Tel Aviv University, HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) and Levinsky Teachers' College, and participated as an active researcher in a number of European ICT research programs (FP7, FP6, GIF).

Moshe also acts as Deputy Director General and Chief of Informal Education at World ORT Kadima Mada, a Jewish global education network. Prior to his role in Kadima Mada, Moshe was the Deputy Director of the Education Authority and Chief Innovation Office at Holon Municipality. Moshe was also a district ICT and Pedagogical Innovation superintendent at the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Selected Publications

  1. Buchem, I., Reinhardt, W., van Treeck, T., Leiba, M. & Perl, A. (2012). Designing and Developing Mobile Learning Applications in International Student Teams, eLearning Papers, 32.

  2. Leiba, M,  Mioduser, D., Zuzovsky, R., Benayahu, Y., Nachmias, R. (2012). Learning about Ecological Systems by Constructing Qualitative Models with DynaLearn. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 8, 165-178.

  3. Ben-Zadok, G., Leiba, M., & Nachmias, R. (2011). Drills, Games or Tests? Evaluating Students' Motivation in Different Online Learning Activities, Using Log File Analysis, Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 7, 235-248.

  4. Ben-Zadok, G., Leiba, M., & Nachmias, R. (2010). Comparison of Online Learning Behaviors in School vs. at Home in Terms of Age and Gender Based on Log File Analysis, Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 6, 305-322.

Selected Conference Papers: 

  1. Wichman, A., Leiba, M., Funk, A., Rummel, N., & Ronen, M. (2014). Supporting Feedback Uptake in Online Peer Assessment, In Penuel, B., Jurow, S., & O'Connor, K. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS14), Boulder, Colorado, USA.

  2. Mioduser, D., Zuzovsky, R., Leiba, M., Zurel, D., Benayahu, Y., Nachmias, R., & Ram, Y. (2011). Learning about ecological systems by constructing qualitative models with DynaLearn. The 14th Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), 22-24, Exter, UK.

  3. Leiba, M. (2011). Assessing Mathematical Problem Solving Behavior in Web-Based Environments Using Data Mining. In Maillet, K. et al (Eds.). Proceedings of the 5th Doctoral Consortium at the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 37-42, Barcelona, Spain.

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