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Dr. Shaul Levi
Fields of Research
Dr. Shaul Levi
School of Information Systems
  • Strategy 

  • Digital transformation  

  • Digital Customer Experience

  • Digital Data Management

  • Technological innovation 

  • Platform business model

  • Competition in the Digital Age

Short Bio

Dr. Levi is an IT executive with PhD and extensive experience in products and projects management.

He has expertise in leading the IT strategy and products vision, building road maps, planning and execution line of IT products throughout its' life-cycle for cross organizational disciplines based on understanding costumer demands, technology trends and the competitive field.

Leading digital & data transformation centric projects over the past two decades providing high-value products and services that helps growing business, improving performance, efficiency, and cost reduction by leveraging digital technologies together with creative-innovative mindset by implementing vast knowledge and experience in multi-disciplined environments.

Leading and working closely with projects, products and support managers throughout development, implementation, release and maintenance of information systems to ensure customer satisfaction goals are met.

Experienced in Creation and implementation of annual and multi-year work plans.

He also devotes time and energy pursuing to my second love - teaching as a senior lecturer in The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo in the areas of IT strategies, technological innovation and digital transformation (BI, Big data, IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc.). In addition, lectureres at conferences about Projects management, Projects and Operational risk. 

Selected Publications

  1. Shaul, l.; tauber, d. (2013). "critical success factors in enterprise resource planning systems: review of the last decade". Acm computing surveys. 45 (4).   Impact factor: 6.748.

  2. Shaul, l. And tauber, d. 2011. Csfs along erp life-cycle in smes: a field study. Industrial management & data systems, 112(3), 360-384. Impact factor: 2.205.

  3. Gafni r,. Shaul, l. And tauber, d. 2011. E-learning diurnal time patterns in the navy. Issues in informing science and information technology, 8(1), 377-393.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Shaul, l. And tauber, d. 2010. Hierarchical examination of success factors across erp life cycle. In proc. Of the 5th mediterranean conference on information systems, 1-27.

  2. Shaul, l. And tauber, d. 2010. Acceptance of enterprise resource planning (erp) systems. In proc. Of the 5th mediterranean conference on information systems, 1-27.

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