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Prof. Emeritus Sznaider Natan
Fields of Research
Prof. Emeritus Sznaider Natan
School of Government and Society
  • Holocaust memory

  • The sociology of emotions

  • Globalization

  • The political theory of Hannah Arendt

Short Bio

Prof. Sznaider is a sociologist specializing in Holocaust memory, the sociology of emotions, globalization and the political theory of Hannah Arendt. He developed a sociological theory of cosmopolitanism. 

He began teaching at the Tel Aviv Academic College at 1994 and served in several administrative functions like the Tenure and Promotion Committee. He held visiting professorships at Columbia University in New York, University of Munich, Vienna and Zurich. He also served as a consultant for the new courses and programs at the Higher Education Council of Israel. 

He has published more than 50 journal essays, among them one which received a price by the British Journal of Sociology as the one of the most important articles of the decade. Sznaider publishes widely in English and German.

Selected Publications

Sznaider has written 15 books, among those these English titles:

  1. Memory and Forgetting in the Post-Holocaust Area (Routledge, 2016), Memory and the Cosmopolitan Order (Polity 2012), 

  2. Human Rights and Memory, University Park, PA.: Penn State University Press, 2010 [co-authored with Daniel Levy].

  3. Holocaust and Memory in the Global Age (2006), The Compassionate Temperament (Temple 2012).

Recent Articles 

  1. The Clogged Toilet of German Guilt: German Questions and Universal Answers. KulturPoetik. 20(1), 2020, pp. 78-90.

  2. Wir Juden und Ihr Deutsche. Arendt, Sternberger und das jüdisch-deutsche Gespräch. Offener Horizont. Jahrbuch der Karl Jaspers Gesellschaft, 6, 2020, pp. 481-489. 

  3. Israel und der Neue Antisemitismus: Eine Politische Analyse. Europäische Rundschau, 47 (2), pp.19-25. 

  4. The Other Frankfurt School. Distinktion. Journal of Social Theory, 20 (2), pp.222-230. 

  5. "Israel doppelt: Zwischen Souveränität und Geschichte", Working Papers, Hans Böckler Stiftung, WSI – Wirtschafts und Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut, 2018, S.1-21. 

  6. "The Impossible Principle of Equality", International Politics and Society, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, On-Line Journal, August, 2018.

  7. "The Jewish Judgment of Hannah Arendt", S.I.M.O.N. Shoah, Interventions, Methods, Documentation, Issue, 2017/2, pp.88-99. 

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