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Prof. Gafni Ruti
Fields of Research
Prof. Gafni Ruti
School of Information Systems
  • Cybersecurity 

  • Cybersecurity awareness and preparedness

  • E-learning

  • Time mamagement and procrastination in e-learning

  • Collaboration in e-learning adoption of new technologies

  • Gamification

  • Mobile applications

  • Quality of information systems

Short Bio

Prof. Ruti Gafni is the Head of the Information Systems B.Sc. program at The Academic College of Tel-Aviv–Yaffo. She holds a PhD from Bar-Ilan University, Israel (in the Business Administration School), focusing on Information Systems, an M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University and a BA (Cum Laude) in Economics and Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University.

She has more than 40 years of practical experience as project manager, analyst of information systems, computer systems developer, and manager of quality assurance and methodologies in a software development house.

Her research combines several facets of information systems: adoption of new technologies and areas, with reference to the human-computer interaction. The studies focused especially on mobile technologies (Smartphones, Tablets, and mobile applications), e-learning (cooperative e-learning, video e-learning, etc.) and cybersecurity (authorization, authentication, preparedness and resilience). The results of her research are oriented both to industry and to academy, fitting to individual and organization perspectives. They were presented in worldwide academic conferences and published in academic international peer-reviewed journals.

Prof. Gafni is involved in international academic projects, such as:

(1) Preparation and organization of an International Cyber challenge - a unique and original collaboration with Universities from Australia and China, and with Checkpoint Company, in which groups of students, each composed of students from all academic institutes had to compete, and present their final pitch online, in front of Israeli, Chinese and Australian jury.

(2) Coordinator of the In2It Project, Erasmus+ on behalf of The Academic College of Tel-Aviv–Yaffo - a cooperation of academic faculty members from 7 Universities in Europe and 7 Colleges in Israel, preparing four International academic courses, to be taught through the Internet, with students from all institutions collaborating in mixed International groups.

(3) Participation in preparation of Cybersecurity Education Curriculum (CSEC2017) - a set of global curricular recommendations in cybersecurity education. A joint task force led ACM, IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), AIS SIGSEC and IFIP WG 11.8.

In 2019, Prof. Gafni was awarded the "Lifetime Academic Achievement Award" from the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management.

Selected Publications

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