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Prof. Holzmann Vered
Fields of Research
Prof. Holzmann Vered
School of Management & Economics
  • Project management

  • Strategy

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Internationalization in higher education

  • Impact Management

Short Bio

Prof. Holzmann is a faculty member at the School of Management and Economics in The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo where she also serves as the Director of Research, Development and Innovation. Vered received her doctorate from the School of Management, Tel-Aviv University. Her work has been presented in international conferences and published in books and scholarly journals including Project Management Journal, International Journal of Project Management, The Learning Organization, and European Journal of Education.

Vered participated in several European projects and coordinated Tempus and Erasmus+ projects. She is the coordinator of Erasmus+ project IFI (Innovative Finance in Academic and Field) and recently received a grant from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation for research on Impact – Economic Models for Israeli Public Higher Education Institutions.

Vered is a project manager (PMP, SCM) with experience in the IT industry, engineering and construction on one hand, and in the political, marketing and higher education environments on the other hand. She held various managerial positions in several startup enterprises and currently serves as a member of the PMI (Project Management Institute) Academic Insight Team.

Selected Publications

1. Holzmann V., Zitter D., Peshkess S., (2021) “What are the Expectations of Project Managers from Artificial Intelligence: A Delphi study”, Project management Journal 14(2), 300–328

2. Holzmann, V., Rousso H. (2021) “Co-creation of Innovation by Corporates and Start-Ups”, in Fernandes, G., Dooley, L., O'Sullivan, D., Rolstadås, A. (Eds.) in Managing Collaborative R&D Projects: Leveraging Open Innovation Knowledge-Flows for Co-Creation, Springer Natur

3. Holzmann V. (2021) “Sustainable Smart Cities Challenges in Project Management Curriculum”, Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 21(7)

4. Holzmann, V., Mazzini, L. (2020) “Applying project management to creative industries: the relationship between leadership style and project success”, Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflicts, 24(1), 132

5. Shenhar, A., Holzmann, V. (2017) “The Three Secrets of Megaprojects Success: Clear Strategic Vision, Total Alignment, and Adapting to Complexity”, Project Management Journal (special issue on megaprojects), 48(6), 29-46

6. Shenhar A., Holzmann V., Zhao Y., Melamed B., (2016) “The Challenge of Innovation in Highly Complex Projects: What can we Learn from Boeing’s Dreamliner Experience?”, Project Management Journal, Special issue on project management and innovation, 47(2), 62-78

7. Holzmann V., Shenhar A., Stefanovic J., (2016) “Strategic OPM: Why Companies Need to Adopt a Strategic Approach to Project Management”, in Sankaran S., Muller R., Drouin N., (Eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Project Management, Cambridge University Press

8. Yemini, M., Holzmann, V., de Wit, H., Sadeh, E., Stavans, A., Fadila, D. (2015). “The drive to internationalize: Perceptions and motivations of Israeli college directors”. Higher Education Policy, 28 (3), 259-276

9. Holzmann V., (2014) “Market, Technological & Process Management knowledge in NPD Projects and the Value of New Products”, in Rowe, F., & Te’eni, D., (Eds.) Innovation and IT in an International Context: R&D strategy and operations, Palgrave Macmillan

10. Holzmann V. (2013) “A meta-analysis of brokering knowledge in project management”, International Journal of Project Management, Vol.31, No.1, p. 2-13

11. Holzmann V., Spiegler I., (2011) “Developing Risk Breakdown Structure for Information Technology Organizations”, International Journal of Project Management, Vol.29, Iss.5, p. 537-546

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