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International Programs

International Program Overview

Recognized around the world, MTA consistently ranks among the top academic institutions in Israel – in quality teaching, student satisfaction and graduates' average salaries, among other indicators. What’s more, MTA boasts an impressive register of influential graduates holding key positions and driving fundamental cross-disciplinary innovation, socioeconomic and policy change.

As with our home-grown students, MTA affords our international students uncompromising academic standards, experiential learning, applied research, and social commitment within our community, across Israel, and around the world.

At MTA, you will have access to unique programs and groundbreaking initiatives such as our International MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship, as well as transformative collaborations with private ventures, governmental agencies, NGOs, and civic activities championed by the college.

Smart Choice

 Live, study and dream in the Startup Nation’s “World Smart City”

Acknowledged as "An accelerator of emerging ecosystems around the world" (Saul Singer), Israel is a hotbed for visionaries. There are approximately 200 social businesses in the country, promoting annual activities in excess of $50 million. With over 1,000 new ventures per year, Israel is second only to the US (Global Startup Ecosystem ranking, the 'Startup Genome' project).

At the heart of this activity is Tel Aviv-Yaffo, winner of the 2014 "World Smart City" Award for its investment in creative platforms for innovation, startup accelerators, impact entrepreneurship network, and civic technological infrastructure and services.

Tel Aviv

Make an Impact

The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo celebrates 25 years of activity

Mission impossible?
International academic cooperation in times of the
Corona crisis. A German-Israeli perspective

Unlocking the Secrets of Japanese Business Culture

Haredi Women in Higher Education

 MTA Course: Climate Change Conference

Virtual Exchange - Human Computer Interaction

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For further information, please contact

Dr. Vered Holzmann

Director of Research, Development & Innovation

The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo

Desk: +972-3-6802722 Mobile: +972-544-274568


Deena Mesika

Coordinator of International Academic Relations

Desk: +972-3-6802556 Mobile:+972-53-3372828


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