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New MTA Student Village

With a fast-growing campus and sizable student body of more than 4,000 students, MTA is fast becoming a formidable entity in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa landscape. Establishing a Student Village adjacent to the MTA campus accommodate its students' need for accessible, affordable and safe housing opportunities. Moreover, MTA's vision for the Student Village, which is in line with MTA's commitment to social change, is that it will provide a cultural and social center for students and local community members alike.

The New Student Village

at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Program Benefits

Affordable living for students

As an institution whose student demographic hails from all parts of the country, and that is committed to an ethnically and geographically diverse student body, MTA is determined to offer adequate accommodation to students with limited means who come from different areas and communities in Israel. Israel’s cost of living is among the highest in the developed world, with Tel Aviv-Jaffa considered the ninth most expensive city, according to the 2018 annual rankings of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Apartments in Tel Aviv-Jaffa are rented to students at an impossibly high price, which continues to rise from year to year in the unregulated Israeli real-estate market. Therefore, the challenge of finding both adequate and affordable housing in the areas surrounding the MTA campus is a daunting challenge that many MTA students face.

Based on the belief that education ought to be available to all those interested and capable, regardless of destination of origin or financial capacity, the new dormitory complex makes MTA's campus both physically and economically accessible to its students, while providing a safe, secure, comfortable and affordable housing solution for those in need. The dormitories are maintained to the highest standard of living and, importantly, rent will always be at least 20% cheaper than the average price of rent in the free market. In this way, the dormitory complex addresses the major geographic and economic hurdles that deter students from attending the College.

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A hub of social and cultural activities

​Alongside serving as a housing solution, particularly for students living in Israel's geographical and socio-economic periphery, the Student Village forms an integral part of MTA's efforts to advance society as a whole. The Student Village is becoming a vibrant community center that hosts cultural and social events for MTA students, teachers and staff, our partners and members of the surrounding Jaffa and South Tel Aviv communities. These events are initiated and organized by the students living in the dorm, in collaboration with the College.

The primary beneficiaries of the social and cultural activities are the surrounding Jaffa and South Tel Aviv communities. Despite its geographical centrality, Jaffa is still considered a social periphery, with a majority of its population still suffering social, economic and educational disadvantages, which derive from years of neglect, poor infrastructure and lack of employment opportunities. The residents—most of who are poor working class—are split between a Jewish majority and an Arab minority, alongside other marginalized groups, such as new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former USSR, as well as refugees and asylum seekers. The overall heterogeneous population, therefore, features a complex blend of class, ethnic, religious and national identities, group interests and tensions.

MTA is deeply involved in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv through the operation of different social initiatives for the benefit of these communities. Over 20,000 children, youth and adults are catered yearly by a variety of holistic community projects, run in their entirety by the College’s academic and administrative staff and its students. The dormitories are allowing us to deepen further MTA’s involvement in its surrounding neighborhoods.


The Student Budy

A student body living in the heart of Jaffa has the potential to create a lasting effect on the community. The Student Village provides an opportunity for the growth of a new, young, highly educated community in one of the most disadvantaged areas in Israel. The students benefitting from the accessible accommodation are integrated in MTA’s various existing community projects, alongside new projects that will be developed and tailored specifically to the body of students residing in the dorms.

By making academic studies and other services accessible to the Jaffa and South Tel Aviv communities, the students residing in the dorms are becoming agents of social change. Thus, by applying a model of social and class integration, proven effective in many campuses situated amid distressed neighborhoods in cities around the world, MTA hopes to bring "live" examples of productive citizenship to the Jaffa community. MTA's extensive long-standing and continuous work with the surrounding community strongly indicates that our aspirations for the Student Village generating a positive formidable social change is indeed a viable expectation.



For further information about our initiatives or pathways to your personal support of the MTA Capital Fund, please contact:



Yariv Sultan, Vice President

Development & External Relations

Mobile +972-52-851-0022


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