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Social Tech, Impact & Innovation 

 Innovative Solutions to face the great challenges of today

July 28- August 8, 2024

Why Should You Spend Your Summer in Israel?

  • Enjoy a global program with students from around the world

  • Explore the intersection between Technology and Social Innovation

  • See first hand how it impacts entrepreneurship, finance & technology

  • Gain the tools to tackle the societal and global challenges of today

Who's Eligible? 

  • Any major and one year of BA completed from an accredited College or University

  • English Level of B2 or Native English Speaker 

  • GPA of 3.0 (EU) 80 (US) or equivalent

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How Much?

$1850 USD- Partner price

$2300 USD - non Partner price

What's Included

Registration + Courses 
Site Trips
Accommodation (not optional)

What Will You Learn?

​Intro to Social Innovation- 3 ECTS/ 2 USC

  • Develop a personal outlook in the face of the significant global challenges of the 21st century.

  • Deepen understanding of global social, environmental, and economic challenges.

  • Gain familiarity with concepts and theories in the fields of social innovation, social finance, and social entrepreneurship.


Tech for Good- 1.5 ECTS/ 1 USC

  • Provide a theoretical overview of important issues related to technology, society and the relationship between them, with particular emphasis on the roles of governments, businesses and AI.

  • Discuss the fundamental concepts of technology and social impact through theoretical and practical lenses.

  • Expose students to a variety of perspectives and analyses.


Leading Impact Strategies- 1.5 ECTS/ 1 USC 

  • Understand the concept of social-environmental-economic problems through systemic thinking.

  • Practice practical tools for analyzing complex problems: The 5 Whys Method; the Glacier Model; Impact Gaps Canvas.

  • Implement practical tools for planning and designing social impact project: Theory of Change.

  • Experience teamwork.

  • Gain practical experience in developing and presenting a social impact strategy.

Campus Location & Getting Around

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The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA) is a mid-sized public college located in the heart of Yaffo, a rich and diverse community, minutes away from the beach.

Classes will take place at MTA with full access to campus amenities including 2 libraries, computer labs, and study rooms. 


Public Transportation

  • Bus, Light-Rail, Train:

Payable with Rav-Kav (reusable transportation card) or

Phone apps like Moovit 

  • Electric Scooters

Located in around Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Apps to download include: Wind, Bird, Lime, Dott, Leo 

  • Green City Bikes

Accessible from designated bike stations 

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